Stitch and Go: Perfect Sewing Projects for Your Road Trip

Stitch and Go: Perfect Sewing Projects for Your Road Trip

Summers and road trips are a rite of passage for many people. Most of us have memories (hopefully fond ones!) of long days spent in the car on the way to your destination. If you are hitting the road this summer, stitch up one of these DIY projects to make the journey more comfy! From cozy travel pillows to handy organizers, there are countless sewing projects that can enhance your travel experience. Here are some of the best sewing projects for your road trip to make the journey more comfortable. Ready to elevate your travel comfort? Let’s get stitching!

Road Trip Comfort

neck pillow diy

Neck Pillow DIY

If you only make one thing for your road trip, this is the one! Waking up with a sore neck while being stuck in the car is a recipe for disaster. Avoid that issue altogether by making sure all your passengers have their own neck pillow. I promise that if you use Poly-Fil® Mini Sized Micro Beads to fill your DIY neck pillow with you’ll have the coziest pillows ever!

headrest pillow DIY

Car Headrest Pillow

Long days in the car can lead to neck strain, but you can avoid that with a car headrest pillow! There are lots of tutorials for how to make your own in square or rectangular shapes, but if you want to try something unique check out this superhero themed headrest pillow DIY! Cozy fabric plus Poly-Fil Fiber Fill for the road trip win!

seat belt cover

Seat Belt Pillow

If you have a passenger who falls asleep as soon as you hit the road, keep them comfortable with this seat belt pillow sewing project! Opt for a cozy, soft fabric like fleece and add some Poly-Fil Fiber Fill to add just the right amount of fluff to this pillow project.

Organizing Sewing Projects for Your Road Trip

car organizer

Car Organizer

Cars get messy fast during road trips. I found that one way to reduce the mess is with a hanging car organizer. This helps everyone keep things they will need during the trip in one place (and keep stuff off the floor!) Make your own car organizer in the perfect color to match your car’s interior. Stiffen™ Double Sided Fusible Interfacing would be perfect for this project, since it’s rigid like cardboard but also washable!

trash bag DIY

DIY Car Trash Can

Another must have for any road trip is a car trash can! The beauty of sewing your own is that you can make it in a color or pattern that matches your car. Plus, if you use a fun pattern it will be easy to find. Protect your car’s interior by lining this trash can with Shield Liner Fabric. This innovative interfacing is a PUL fabric that creates moisture and allergen barrier for improved health and comfort. Sew a layer to the top or inside of your project to create a shield against moisture, grease, pollens, and more!

garment bag

Sew a Garment Bag

There once was a time when we could just throw our clothes in an overnight bag to head to a friend’s house for the weekend. Now we can be a bit neater and more organized with a beautiful garment bag instead! This lovely project will keep your clothes organized and protected on your road trip. Soften Interfacing will help give this project gentle support.

phone charger

Car Phone Charger Keepers

Someone will have to charge their phone at some point on your roadtrip. Keep car phone chargers separated and organized with this adorable project! The tutorial share some ideas for different ways you can decorate your case. Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing is the perfect product to use to adhere the different fabric pieces together since it works like glue without the mess!

sunglass case

Sunglasses Case

Summer road trips mean sunny travel days! Keep your sunglasses protected and close at hand with this cute road trip sewing project. Use a low loft batting with fabric in a print that you love to make this quick sewing project.

tiissue box

Car Tissue Box Holder

Tissues are a must have for any car trip, and you never seem to find them when you need them! Keep your tissue boxes from disappearing under car seats or getting crushed underfoot with this clever sewing project. Choose a fabric that you like and add Stabilize Interfacing so that your DIY tissue box holder will have structure without being too stiff.

travel case

Travel Case

I like to have a mid sized travel case with me in the car to keep smaller items close at hand. This could range from toiletries to medicine to snacks. Anything that I want to have easy to access to while driving would go in this cute travel case. The easy to follow tutorial includes a free pattern, so round up your fabric, batting, and fusible interfacing to get started!

For Kids

i spy bag

Easy to Make I-Spy Bag

Minimize the dreaded “are we there yet?” questions with this fun and easy to update I-Spy bag! Fill a zipper pouch with toys and Poly-Fil® Poly Pellets® Weighted Stuffing Beads to quickly create a fun game. You can easily change the toys throughout the trip to keep the game interesting. Or you can challenge kids to see if they can find a green item, or something that starts with the letter “a”, etc. to keep the fun going.

travel pillow

Kid’s Travel Pillow

This cute and clever project adds a pocket and a handle to the pillow, making it easy for kids to tote around. The pocket can hold books and favorite plush toys. Grab some minky fabric and a pillow insert to make the perfect travel pillow for your kids (and yourself!)

seatbelt pillow

Kid’s Seatbelt Pillow

Here’s the kid’s version of the seatbelt pillow project shown earlier in this list of sewing projects for your road trip. Not only will this help children sleep comfortably when they inevitably nod off in the car, it can also keep them entertained! Use soft fabric with Poly-Fil Fiber Fill to create this cute pillow.

diaper mat

DIY Diaper Changing Pad

Traveling with kids in diapers means lots of stops, often in places that don’t have changing tables. Eliminate the stress of finding a place to change baby with your own diaper changing pad. Don’t forget to line this project with Shield Liner Fabric to protect your little one from germs and to protect your car interior from leaks!

Stitch and Go: Perfect Sewing Projects for Your Road Trip

These DIY sewing projects will make your summer road trip as comfortable as possible! Which one will you make first?

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