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Squiggle Quilted Stocking with Text - Keri Lee Sereika
It’s that time of year that we are all on the scramble trying to finish our last holiday gifts, getting our houses ready and making sure every last detail is in order. Well, today I want to share a quick and easy quilted stocking tutorial with you! Remember the Squiggly Quilted Fat Quarter I demonstrated at the end of last month? Well I started with that and in under an hour I had this sweet stocking hanging off the mantle!


01 Lay Pattern On Fabric Right Sides Together Trace and Cut

1. To begin with I simply traced a stocking we already had onto two pieces of printer paper that I had taped together. If you don’t have a stocking to trace just free hand the shape as shown. Cut out the pattern, fold the quilted fat quarter in half and trace the pattern lightly onto the wrong side of the quilted fat quarter. Cut it out using a good sturdy sharp pair of scissors.


02 Pin Pieces Together Right Sides Together

2. Pin all layers together using quite a few pins. The bulkiness of the layers will go through your machine easier if you can move them all through together at once without fighting slippage.


03 Sew a Scant Quarter Inch Seam

3. Sew a scant quarter of an inch from the edges. You don’t want super bulky seams. Turn right side out.


04 Wrap Lace Around and Cut One Inch Longer Than Needed

4. Wrap lace trim around the top edge, adding 1″ to length needed to reach around. Cut.


05 Sew Trim Into Circle, Turn And Pin To Top of Stocking

5. Fold lace trim over top edge to function like a seam binding tape. Pin in place. Sew all the way around.


06 Sew into Place Add Loop of Velvet Rick Rack

6. Cut a small loop of fun ric rac trim and hand stitch in place at back side seam.


07 Finish by Hot Gluing Trim Over Stitching

7. Here’s a quick cheat – add a bit of golden, bling trim using your hot glue gun! It’s super quick and no sew easy! LOL






Finished Image No Text - Keri Lee Sereika



Hang it from the mantle and enjoy!

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