Witchy Poo Boots

Categories: Gifts, Decor, Halloween

What you need to make this project

1yd. oly*fun™ Jet Black
Poly-fil® Premium fiberfill
Poly-fil® Poly-Pellets®
1 1/3 yards of 5/8 inch rick rack: Orange
Eight ¾ inch Gold Buttons
Thread: Black & Orange
Basic sewing, measuring, cutting and pressing tools

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Step One

Using the patterns provided cut out four boot pieces.

Stitch rick rack to each of the boot fronts and stitch lines along heels as indicated on the pattern.

Step Two

With right sides together stitch each of the boots together. Clip curves, turn right side out.

Insert fiberfill into boots leaving a 2” space along the top edges.

Step Three

Pin two 8 x 18 inch sections of oly*fun™ to top edges of the boots, right sides together. Stitch along the sides and bottom edges of the rectangle. Note: Space the boots 2 inches apart. Turn right side, press using low iron and pressing cloth then top stitch.

Step Four

Stitch along the top edge, leaving a 2 inch opening. Stitch a second row 2 inches down from the first row, forming a channel to fill with Poly-Pellets®.

Step Five

Fill the channel with Poly-Pellets® then stitch the opening closed.

Hand stitch buttons along front edges of boots.