Winter Wonderland Wreath & Trees

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Your home will look like a Winter Wonderland when you make these enchanting Christmas trees and wreath with batting from Fairfield World.  The soft fluffy batting creates an effect like a blanket of snow and combined with fallen birch branches, it takes your imagination to a magical place.  The wreath and the trees are super simple to make and can be brought out year after year to decorate your home for Christmas.

What you need to make this project

For The Wreath:
Fairfield Purely Cotton Batting
Hula Hoop
Birch Branch
3" Foam Balls (8)
4" Faux Fur Trim (6 ft)
3/4" Glitter Trim (6 ft)
Metallic Copper Thread
For The Trees:
Fairfield Purely Cotton™ Batting
(3) Foam Trees - 8-inch, 14 inch, 17 inch
3 Birch Branches - 8-inch, 14 inch, 17 inch
4" Faux Fur Trim (6 ft)
3/4" Glitter Trim (6 ft)
Metallic Copper Thread
Florist Wire
Spray Adhesive
Hot Glue Gun

Quick Shop


Step One

Gather all your Supplies for the Wreath.

Step Two

Cut 9 1/2″ circle of batting.  Spray the batting with adhesive and wrap around a foam ball.  Glue glitter trim around the ball.  Repeat to complete 8 foam balls.


Step Three

Wrap hula hoop with strips of newspaper.  Cut 18″ strips of batting and wrap the hula hoop loosely and glue in place.  Wrap glitter trim around hoop and glue in place.


Step Four

Place the branch at the base of the hoop and glue in place.  Secure the branch with wire or ribbon.


Step Five

Gather the fur trim into loops with wire, and glue to the branch.


Step Six

Glue the balls to the branch within the loops of fur trim.


Step Seven

Wrap metallic thread around the branch on each end and tie to secure.


Step Eight


Step Nine

Gather all your supplies for the Trees:

Step Ten

Cut a triangle of batting to the size of the tree.  Spray the batting with adhesive and wrap around the tree.  Trim off excess batting if needed.


Step Eleven

Glue glitter trim to around the tree.  Anchor with straight pins if needed.  Glue faux fur trim around the base of the tree.


Step Twelve

Tie metallic thread around a branch cut to the same size of the tree and hot glue to the tree to complete


Step Thirteen