Wilderness Bits Journal Cover

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When travelling I like to purchase fabric to remind me of my journey. I had heard stories of the wonderful array of quilt stores in Alaska and was on a budget so the first store I went into in Seward, Alaska I decided I needed to be somewhat restrained. I fell in love with all of the batiks and wanted to purchase yardage of each and every one of them. I am proud to say that I managed to keep to the plan when I found a package of end cuts that cost me under $10. It contained just as advertised, bits and pieces of a wide variety of batiks. I could not wait to get home and get started. Originally it was going to be something for our travel trailer and then I decided what I really wanted was a journal cover to record our upcoming adventures. Just in case you would like to make one of your own I have detailed instructions and diagrams to help you on your journey.

What you need to make this project

Noire Cotton Blend Batting
Fabric Strip Assortment
1/3 yard Cotton Fabric for lining and pockets
Composition Book
Book Plate
Assorted Buttons or other findings
Sewing Machine
Sewing, Cutting, Measuring, Pressing tools and supplies

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Noire Cotton Blend 45″ x 60″


Price: $16.99

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Step One

Cut the following: Batting 11 x 18 inches & 4 x 18 inches, Lining 11 x 16 inches, Pockets Cut two 11 x 14 inches. See Diagram A

Note: Diagrams have been provided listed under Alaska Journal.

Alaska Journal

Step Two

Place one of the strips on top of the batting. With right sides together, align a second strip of fabric on top and stitch along the right edge using a ¼ inch seam. Press the fabric strip to the left. Place a third strip on top of the second strip aligning the right edges. Stitch. Repeat until the batting is covered. See Diagram B & C

Step Three

Cut in half. See Diagram D

Step Four

Using the remaining batting piece and additional fabric strips create another pieced strip using the instructions provided. See Diagram E

Step Five

With right sides together stitch the three pieced strips together using ½ seams. Press the seams open. See Diagram F

Step Six

Quilt the journal cover as desired. See Diagram G

Step Seven

Trim the journal cover to a finished measurement of 11 x 16 inches. Note: Before trimming determine how the center accent piece will be featured. ie: centered or otherwise. See Diagram H

Step Eight

Sew on embellishments such as book plate label, buttons etc.

Step Nine

Fold each of the pocket pieces in half right sides out and press. See Diagram J

Step Ten

With the journal cover right side, place the pockets along either edge. Note the folded edges will be facing each other. See Diagram K

Step Eleven

Cover the pockets and journal cover with the lining fabric right sides together. Stitch using a ½” seam and leaving a 4 inch opening along one side. Clip corners to remove excess bulk. See Diagram L

Step Twelve

Turn right sides out, folding the pockets over the lining. Press well. See Diagram M