WILD and ROAR Animal Cuddle Pillows

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What you need to make this project

1 - 16" Home Elegance® Pillow Insert
1/2 Yard of Shield Liner Fabric (optional)
1/8 yard of Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing

Download Pattern

1/2 yard of Animal Print Cuddle Fabric from Shannon Fabrics
1/8 yard or scraps of black Cuddle Fabric from Shannon Fabric
Paper backed fusible web
Rotary Cutter and Mat and/or Scissors
Sewing machine
Printable Template (See link in this post.)

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Step One

Gather your materials for these fun Animal Cuddle Pillows.  The materials list above is for one pillow.  Animal Cuddle fabrics from Shannon Fabrics are ultra soft and especially well suited for this project.  I used the Cuddle Tiger in Gold and Black and Baby Jaguar Cuddle in Gold, but Shannon Fabrics has many animal prints to choose from.  Since these pillow were to be donated to our elementary school’s special ed classroom, I chose to line them with Shield Liner fabric to give the pillows extra protection from accidents.   The pictured hook and loop fastener was not needed.  Before you start your project, you might also want to review these tips provided by Shannon Fabrics for Applique with Cuddle.

Animal Print Pillows Supplies

Step Two

Print or trace the letters from your template onto the paper side of paper-backed fusible web.

Animal Print Pillows 006

(Note:  DO NOT try to print on paper backed fusible web using a laser jet printer or you may ruin your printer.)  My ink-jet printer is able to handle a the paper-backed fusible web, if I tape the leading edge to a piece of cardstock.  Please not your letters will be in reverse.  Iron your letters onto the BACK of your black Cuddle fabric with the papery side UP following manufacturer’s instructions.

Animal Cuddle Pillows

Step Three

Cut out your letters.

Animal Cuddle Pillows

Step Four

From your Cuddle fabric and your Shield Liner Fabric, cut:

  • 1 – 17″ squares
  • 2 – 11 x 17″ rectangles

015 Cut Pieces

Step Five

Peel off the paper backing for your letters.

016 Peel Paper

Step Six

Use a quilting ruler or other straight edge to line your letter up on the 17″ square of animal cuddle.  Position the beginning of the word about 3 inches from each edge.  If you position the words too close to the edge of the pillow, they won’t show well when your pillow cover is wrapped around a pillow.

019 Line Up Letters

Step Seven

Iron your letters down.  Do NOT use the highest heat setting on the iron and be sure to move the iron only in the direction of the cuddle fabric.  Iron just enough for the letters to stay lightly attached.

021 Iron

Then turn the square over and iron more thoroughly from the back.

022 Iron Well

Step Eight

To add some extra structure to the fabric for the applique, I found it helpful to iron a strip of Smooth Fusible Fleece behind the lettering to give the applique a more polished look.  (I neglected to do this with the ROAR pillow, and the applique did not come out as smooth as a result.  The WILD pillow where I used the Smooth Fusible Fleece came out with a more professional finish.)

026 Smooth

Step Nine


Use a tight zigzag or satin stitch to stitch around the edge of the lettering.

027 Stitch

Leave the thread tails long, so you can pull them through to the back and tie a knot instead of back-stitching.

029 Pull Threads Through 030 Knot

And you should now be to a place where the front of your pillow looks like this:

032 Sewn

Step Ten

Take your two sets of 11 x 17″ inch rectangles and pin the Shield Interlining to the Animal Cuddle along one of the 17″ inch edges with RIGHT sides together.  (Note, there is no “right” side of the Shield Liner fabric, but I chose to have the softer side be the “right” side for this project because it’s less slippery and will hold the finished pillow in place better.  If you are not using Shield Liner Fabric, then fold your Animal Cuddle over 1/2 and stitch down to form a hem.

035 Pin Well

Stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

037 Stitch

Step Eleven

Iron your seam, so that the Animal Cuddle is just a little above the Shield Liner.  This will ensure that the Shield will not be visible in your finished pillow.  Do NOT do this on high heat or you will damage the Shield.

038 Iron Seam

Step Twelve

Now we’re ready to assemble the pillow.  Start with your 17″ square of Shield Fabric with the soft side DOWN.  Then your pillow front right side UP.

039 Layer

Then the top half of your back with the RIGHT side DOWN. Then the bottom half of your pillow back RIGHT SIDE DOWN.  The two back pieces will overlap quite a bit.

040 Layer

Pin thoroughly.  When using Cuddle fabrics, you want to use at least twice as many pins as you otherwise would.

042 Pin Well

Step Thirteen

Stitch around all four sides of the pillow using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Clip the corners.

043 Stitch and Snip Corners

Turn right side out.

044 Right Side Out

Step Fourteen

Insert your pillow.

Animal Print Pillows 070

Step Fifteen

And Enjoy!


WILD Animal Cuddle Pillows Perfect for Summer