All White Quilt - Cuddle in a Day

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This quilt is so fast and easy to put together than you can easily finish in a day.  We chose to use a giant rail fence pattern for easy construction and to use the whole width of cuddle fabrics.  The giant blocks let all the fun cuddle textures do the talking.

Cuddle fabrics come 60″ wide.  Our fabrics all come from Shannon Fabrics.  Our quilt includes Luxe Cuddle® Ziggy in SnowLuxe Cuddle® Lattice in Snow, Rose Cuddle® in Snow WhiteEmbossed Heart Cuddle® in Snow WhiteEmbossed Arrow Cuddle® in Snow WhiteLuxe Cuddle® Marble in SnowLuxe Cuddle® Chenille Snow WhiteLuxe Cuddle® Velvet Snow White, and Embossed Star Cuddle® Snow White.  This quilt could be equally cuddly and fast done up with any cuddle fabrics.   We used Embossed Heart Cuddle® in Snow White for backing and Solid Cuddle® 3 Snow White for binding.

The fabric requirements given for this pattern are for 60″ wide fabric.  If you’re using fabric with a smaller width, you would need additional fabric.

What you need to make this project

1 Package - Nature-Fil™ Bamboo Blend Batting 60″ x 60″
1/4 Yard Each of 9 different Shannon Cuddle® Fabrics (See abstract for links to our choices)
1/4 Yard Solid Cuddle® 3 Snow White for binding
1 3/4 Yards 60" Wide Cuddle Backing Fabric
White Thread
Plenty of Pin
Rotary Cutter, Mat, and Ruler
Sewing Machine and related Supplies
Vacuum with Hose attachment (recommended but not required)
Basting Spray (optional)

Quick Shop


Step One

You’re going to need to start by choosing your fabrics.  You’ll need 9 fabrics for your quilt top.  We chose the Embossed Heart Cuddle for the backing and to use in our quilt top both.

Cuddle fabrics come 60″ wide.  Our fabrics all come from Shannon Fabrics.  From top to bottom in the picture below, you can see  Embossed Heart Cuddle® in Snow WhiteLuxe Cuddle® Velvet Snow WhiteLuxe Cuddle® Chenille Snow WhiteEmbossed Arrow Cuddle® in Snow WhiteLuxe Cuddle® Marble in Snow,  Luxe Cuddle® Ziggy in SnowEmbossed Star Cuddle® Snow White,  Rose Cuddle® in Snow White.  Not pictured is Luxe Cuddle® Lattice in Snow, and the Solid Cuddle® 3 Snow White for binding.

Step Two

To keep the cuddle fulling on my cutting mat, I like to have my cuddle folded in half through the center.  (The way it comes off the bolt.)  Trim the bottom edge so that it’s square with the folded edge.

Then cut one 7″ strip from each of your nine fabrics, keeping your ruler square with the central fold.

Repeat for all 9 of your fabrics.  Sort into sets of 3 textures.  I tried to put one of the more graphic designs (heart, star, and arrows) in different sets.  Use a vacuum with hose attachment to vacuum up excess fuzz (also known as Cuddle Dust!) between each cut.

My sets included:

  • Lattice, Velvet, and Heart Cuddle®
  • Ziggy, Arrow, and Marbled Cuddle®
  • Rose, Star, and Chenille Cuddle®

You might also want to check out these tips for cutting and sewing with Cuddle.

Step Three

Sew the strips in each set together.  You’ll want to be sure to use LOTS of pins and a walking or even-feed foot on your machine.  You also want to make sure the nap (the way you “pet” the fabric) is going the same direction.

Stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Sew until you have three large strips with three smaller strips making each.

Step Four

Trim just the tiniest amount off the end of your strip to square it.  Cut into 20″ squares.  It’s going to be a tight fit, but it’s fine to use the seam allowances with cuddle.

Step Five

Arrange your squares according to the following pattern.  I did this mock up in EQ7 and used colors to make it easier to distinguish between the different prints.

Step Six

Stitch your square together using lots of pins and a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step Seven

With your top all sewn together, you’re ready to layer your quilt.  I baste ALL of my quilts using basting spray, but I find it ESPECIALLY helpful with cuddle quilts.  They’re just too thick to use pin basting.  Nature-Fil Bamboo Blend batting is my favorite to use with Cuddle quilts because it’s almost as soft as the cuddle itself.  (Batting pictured is larger than you need for this quilt.)

Step Eight

Our blocks and pieces are so large in this quilt that I stitched-in-the-ditch around all of the pieces in the quilt.

Step Ten