Vintage Car Cuddle Quilt-in-a-Day - Car Quilt

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Cuddle Quilts are just for kids.  The dad, teen, or boy in your life is going to love the Vintage Cars and Soft Cuddle Fabric.  This quilt uses 60″ wide Cuddle Fabric from Shannon Fabrics.  Fabrics used include  Vintage Automobile Cuddle, Luxe Cuddle Ziggy in Navy , Luxe Cuddle® Weave Silver Heather (Definitely my new favorite texture of cuddle fabric!!), Embossed Arrow Cuddle® Steel, and Embossed Arrow Cuddle® Snow White with Plain Stripe Cuddle® Navy/Graphite for binding.

What you need to make this project

Nature-Fil™ Bamboo Blend Batting 72″ x 90″
60" Wide Cuddle Fabric - Follow Link Below for Amounts

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