Valentine Porch Decor DIYs

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Winter is dragging on but you can brighten your porch for Valentine’s day with these easy projects. Oly-Fun is a quick way to add seasonal pops of color to your outdoor spaces.





What you need to make this project

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Step One

Draw the heart stack onto the styrofoam sheet. Use a serrated knife to cut the shapes out. Work outside for this part as it will get messy!


Step Two

Cut two sheets of Oly-Fun to fit the heart at the base of the stack. Wrap the Oly-Fun around the heart and hot glue the ends to the back of the styrofoam. Cut the Oly-Fun as needed to keep the edges smooth and to fit into the tight sections.

Step Three

Use good fabric scissors to trim the top of the heart. Since Oly-Fun does not fray you never have to worry about the edges! Use a bit of glue to hold the Oly-Fun in place.

Repeat this process with the other two hearts. First wrap and glue the heart, then use your scissors to trim the top and bottom of the heart shape.


Step Four

Use a stencil and paint to add dots to the hearts.

Step Five

Tape a wood stake to the back of the heart stand. Fill a pot with rocks at the bottom and then cover it with soil. Set the stake in the pot and decorate with flowers.

Step Six

Cut the NuFoam into heart shapes. Sandwich the shape between two pieces of Oly-Fun fabric. Trace the foam heart with hot glue, and press the fabric into the glue.

Step Seven

Trim the heart shape out and glue a pom pom trim around it.

Step Eight

I recovered the bench with new fabric and kept the foam that I had used on it before. The cushion foam from Fairfield World is still in excellent condition after over two years outside! To see how to easily recover the bench, click here.