Urban Scandinavian Modern Half-Square Triangle Quilt Pattern

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You’re going to love this quilt because it’s so modern and striking and surprisingly simple  The large blocks make this quilt go together quickly even though it’s a large quilt.  I always love a great black and white fabric collection, so I loved playing with the Black and White Urban Scandinavian line by Kirstyn Cogan for P and B Textiles and pairing them with the slightly textured color of the Color Weave fabrics from P and B Textiles.  You can find these fabrics at many fabric stores online, but all of the Urban Scandinavian fabrics are available in Kirstyn Cogan’s shop here.

I wanted a generously sized quilt for my queen-sized bed so it would drape to the floor and cover the pillows well, so this quilt measures 108″ x 93″, which would be considered king-sized.  You an make a smaller quilt using the same pattern, but by reducing the block size from 16″ to 15″.

This pattern was designed using EQ7.

What you need to make this project

1/2 Yard Urban Scandinavian Bundle (1/2 yard of 10 fabrics)
1 Color Weave Fat Quarter Bundle by P&B Textiles (21 Fat Quarters needed
1 yard Binding Fabric (I prefered the grey on black squiggle lines)
Quilters 80/20™ Batting 120″ x 120″
Nature-Fil™ Wool Batting 90″ wide x 8 yard Roll (Optional second Batting Layer)
2 3/4 108" wide Backing Fabric
Coordinating thread
Rotary Cutting Mat, Ruler, and Cutter
Basting Spray (optional)

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Step One


You will need a total of 21 brightly colored fat quarters and 10 half-yard cuts (or 21 fat quarters) of black and white fabrics to make this quilt.  I really love how the bright colors in the P&B Textiles Color Weave fabrics contrast with the black and white prints in their Urban Scandinavian line (all of them available here in Kirstyn Cogan’s shop).  I used a complete bundle of the Original Color Weave fabrics (24 fabrics) and chose 3 not to use.  (I pulled out the most neutral colors…nearly white, black, and light grey.)  One of the great things about these collections is that there is no “upside down” to any of the fabrics which can be tricky with HST projects.  There are stripes that have a direction, but we liked the look of those going different direction. You’ll also need to choose binding fabric from the collection.  My favorite for binding was the grey on black squiggle lines fabric.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

This finished quilt measures approximately 93 x 108″which is considered a king sized quilt.  (I put it on a queen sized bed, but I wanted lots of room to drape to the floor and cover pillows.)

If you prefer a queen-sized quilt, you’ll cut out 16″ squares for finished 15″ HST blocks (14.5 inches in finished quilt).  For a Twin-Sized quilt, you’d want to cut 13.5 inch square for 12.5″ HST blocks. (12 inches in finished quilt)

Start by cutting out 17″ squares.  (This is slightly bigger than we need for finished 16″ HST blocks, but it will help us get perfect squares.  I found the easiest way to do this was to use the lines on my cutting mat.


Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Step Two

Pair up your fabrics into sets of 2…one black/white fabric with one colored fabric.  I tried to make sure that I paired the lighter colored fabrics with the darker Urban Scandinavian fabrics.  (Light yellow went with one of the “blacker” fabrics, etc.)  Use a quilting ruler to draw a line through the diagonal.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Step Three

Pin every few inches across the diagonal line you drew.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Step Four

Stitch 1/4 inch to EITHER SIDE of your diagonal line.  DO NOT STITCH ON THE DIAGONAL.

142-SewUrban Scandinavian HST Quilt 14Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Step Five

Remove pins and use your rotary cutter and ruler to cut down your diagonal line between the two stitching lines.  This will give you two half-square-triangle blocks.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Iron the seam open (or to the side if you prefer…I just like mine open.)

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Repeat with the other 20 pairings until you have 42 awesome blocks.

Step Six

Arrange your blocks to keep the colors and fabrics balanced.  This is how I arranged mine.

Urban Scandinavian HST

As you look at it.  Every other block in each row is rotated so that each on-point square created is half black/white and half colored.

One block

Once you’re happy with the placement of your HST blocks, you’ll just sew them together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Step Seven

I do most of my own quilting on my home machine, but because this quilt is SO large, I decided to have it professionally long-arm quilted by my friend and fellow Fairfield Master Maker Charisma Horton.  We used two layered battings for this one.  I didn’t want the quilt to be too warm (since I tend to get too warm when I sleep), but I wanted her beautiful quilting to have some extra pop to it, so we layered Quilters 80/20 batting with a layer of wool batting.  You could also achieve a similar look using some low loft polyester batting as your second layer instead of the wool, if you don’t want to have to worry about washing the wool carefully.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Charisma did a fantastic job mimicking the pattern of one of the prints in free motion quilting.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

And for an extra bit of pop, she did one of the on-point squares with some accent quilting.Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Step Eight

Fabric requirements are for doing a double fold binding.  If you’re doing your own quilting I find that basting spray helps immensely in keeping the layers from shifting.

Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt 126-Giant-HST-QuiltUrban Scandinavian HST Quilt

Free Urban Scandinavian Quilt Pattern