Twisted Batting Tree

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We created this beautiful holiday tree by simply twisting strips of natural batting. We are excited about how easy it was to create this wonderful modern textured look. Use different size cones to create a whole family of trees for your holiday decor. They look great on a mantel, in the center of the table or as part of a Christmas Village Display.

What you need to make this project

24" Styrofoam cone
Purely Cotton Batting
Glu gun
Basic sewing supplies

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Step One

Fold your batting and cut into 2″ strips. Twist one of the strips till it is fairly uniform.



Step Two

Starting at the base of the cone place a line of glue and start wrapping the batting around the cone.


Step Three

Continue twisting and gluing the batting to the cone. When you get to the end of the first strip just glue the next one to it and keep twisting. Glue the twisted batting all the way up to the top of the cone.


Step Four

When you get to the top of the cone put some glue on the top of the cone. Twist, trim and tuck the batting under to glue it to the top of the cone.



Step Five