Thrifted Bench Makeover

Category: Decor


Give a thrifted bench new life with Tru-Foam and new fabric.  This quick project is perfect for beginners.  Take your furniture from drab to fab!



What you need to make this project

Tru-Foam™ Pad
Shannon Cuddle Fabric: Zebra Print
Decorative Trimmings Pom Pom Trim
Thrifted Bench
White Paint
Staple Gun

Quick Shop


Step One


Unscrew the top of the bench to remove the cover from the base.

Step Two


Paint the base of the bench with glossy white paint.

Step Three


Remove the old staples, fabric, and foam from the wood bench top. Dispose of the old materials.

Step Four


IMG_2964Place the wood board on the foam. Use a permanent marker to trace the outline of the wood. Cut the foam along the lines. You can use hot glue or a spray on adhesive to attach the foam to the wood if desired.

Step Five

IMG_2965Place the wood foam-side down on the wrong side of the zebra fabric. Cut the fabric so that it will cover the sides and have at least two inches of fabric on the back. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the board. Staple opposite sides first, then staple the corners down.

Step Six

Staple the pom-pom trim (the one I used is from Decorative Trims) to the top of the bench base.

Screw the top back onto the base.