Three Little Pigs Brick House Costume DIY

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Once upon a time, there was a mom who wanted to create fun and unique Halloween costumes for her children. First, she gathered her supplies: two large rolls of Project Foam and a bolt of bubble gum Oly-Fun fabric. Then she painted, cut, carved, and glued until she had built a house fit for a little pig to live in!

What you need to make this project

Project Foam 24" x 72" x 1" thick
Oly-Fun™ 10 Yard Bolt Bubble Gum
Spray Paint
Electric Knife
Hot Glue

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Project Foam 24″ x 72″ x 1″ thick


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Oly-Fun® 10 Yard Bolt Bubble Gum


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Step One

Protect your work surface and lay the foam on it. Spray paint the foam with the desired color. I used three different colors to create a brick-like texture: camoflauge, gray, and brick red. Let the paint dry.

Step Two

Use a ruler and marker to draw lines for the bricks on the foam.
Cut the foam strips into two equal halves so you have 4 pieces.
Use an electric knife to carve into the foam. I cut each line at an angle, to make a “v” shaped cut, then pulled out the foam cut strip. The exposed white foam looks like mortar between the bricks and gives the project a more realistic brick wall finish.

Step Three

I used brown paint to make a door on one side. I sewed a handle onto the foam.
Use hot glue to attach the walls to each other.

Step Four

Cut the Oly-Fun fabric into an A-shaped dress. The width at the base of the “dress” should be one inch wider than the width of the house. Sew the sides together, leaving an opening for the sleeves.

Step Five

Cut the fabric to make sleeves, and attach them to the costume.
Cut a slit down the back of the costume so the child can get in and out of it easily.  Because Oly-Fun is non-fraying you don’t have to worry about stitching the edges. Sew ribbons of Oly-Fun to the neck so you can tie the back of the costume closed after the child is in it.

Step Six

Prop the pig costume inside the box with the sleeves draped over the top. Stitch the bottom of the costume to the base of the house. This will ensure that the house moves with the little pig when he or she walks.

Step Seven

To make the mask, refer to the image to draw the shapes needed.  I used the pink Oly-Fun with other colors from the Oly-Fun craft pack. Cut the shapes needed and assemble them.  I used permanent adhesive with my Xyron Creative Station to stick the smaller pieces onto the mask. Sew a piece of elastic to the mask.

Step Eight

To put on the costume, lift the house with the attached pig suit over the child’s head and lower it.  Tie the costume at the back to hold it in place, and slip the pig face onto the top of the child’s head.  Have fun trick or treating!