Teacher Appreciation Decor

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Oly-Fun™ makes the perfect material for bulletins boards, since it doesn’t rip or fade, and it is easy to cut and staple through.  I’ve used it to decorate at my kids’ schools for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Oly-Fun™ by the bolt works best for the backgrounds since it comes 60″ wide and then you don’t have to contend with creases.

The Oly-Fun™ craft packs and craft sheets are perfect for all the little details and for loading into your electronic cutting machine (if you choose) for cutting out text and details.

Metallic Oly-Fun™ adds some shine to your projects in a way that typical butcher paper can’t.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Metallic and regular Oly-Fun™ in a variety of colors
Electronic Cutting Machine (optional)

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Oly-Fun® Metallic 10 Yard Bolt Red


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Step One

The sky is the limit in using Oly-Fun™ for bulletin board and large decorating projects.  Last year our school’s teacher appreciation theme was “Our Teachers are Out of this World.”  For decorating the door, I found it worked best to use a low-temp glue gun to hold pieces on since staples were not an option.  The door held up great all week.  (And this was the door to the main office.)

Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Boards

This year the PTO wanted a Superhero theme.

Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Boards

I especially love how the metallic Oly-Fun™ adds some real pop.  Oly-Fun™ is also perfect for adding a bit more dimension, like the flying capes.  We used staples to put up all the pieces since the upper walls at this school are all designed to be display space.

I cut out the lettering on my Silhouette Cameo using a blade setting of 4.