Turn a Garden Pot into a Posh Outdoor Seat!

Add a bit of glam to any outdoor setting with this DIY Garden Seat made from an ordinary pot. Designer Pattie Wilkinson completed this project in a few hours with a little bit of sewing and a little bit of help from her hubby at his workbench they now we have an additional seat to put in their recently updated gazebo.

Made with a large garden pot, the dimensions ended up being 22″ high which includes the fabulous 4 inches of Cushion Foam by Fairfield to make the cushion.  The seat has a moisture & allergen barrier sewn into the cover with Fairfield’s Shield Moisture Barrier, so they don’t have to bring it into the house every night.
Another bonus… the cushioned part of the seat top is so we can stash items inside.

In just a few hours you could also some Posh seating from a garden pot using Cushion Foam!

Click on the PATTERN link below for step-by-step instructions.

This is a fabulous addition to the PattieWack DIY Cabana Style Gazebo Makeover. 
Where all of the cushions and pillows on the hanging seat are all made with Fairfield Poly-fil® and Fairfield Cushion Foam.


What you need to make this project

Cushion Foam
Cushion Wrap

Download Pattern

Large Planter Pot
Wood for Cap
Sewing Machine
Electric Knife to cut foam
Staple Gun

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Cushion Wrap 30″ wide by 10 ft


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Shield Liner Fabric Craft Pack


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Soft Support Foam 36″ x 22″ x 4″ thick


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