Super Hero Cape

Categories: Kid Friendly, Costume, Halloween, Oly*Fun

Imagine the possibilities with this simple super hero cape project. It’s a great idea for birthday parties, plays, and dress-up fun. It’s so easy you can make an entire team of heroes.

What you need to make this project

1yd oly*fun™ material (60” wide)
Matching Thread
Fabric scraps
Embellishments (optional)

Download Pattern

Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Sewing machine

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Step One

Fold fabric in half width wise, then again width wise. Place on table with folded edge facing towards you.

Step Two

For ties: Measure two inches in from the left hand side and cut. Repeat. Set aside.


Step Three

On the right side measure seven inches up from the bottom fold and mark. Place ruler from the seven inch mark diagonally to the upper left hand corner of fabric and mark. Now cut along the diagonal line making two cape shapes.

Note: you can scallop or fringe cut the bottom of the cape for a different design or to shorten the length.


Step Four

Place one tie strip horizontally on the table and center the top of the cape shape over the tie strip. Fold the entire tie strip in half, lengthwise, and pin sandwiching the cape. Sew strip together using ¼ inch seam allowance. Repeat for other cape.


Step Five

Add symbols or embellish as desired. We used a bright yellow star cut from another piece of oly*fun™ material.


Note: Pattern makes two capes