Strawberry Shoes Embellished with Oly-Fun

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Oly*Fun is the perfect material for adding embellishments to shoes.  I won’t rip, fray or tear, and won’t get ruined or bleed if it gets wet.

Sparkly red shoes are a perennial favorite of little girls and we’ve seen them at most major chain stores.  You won’t have trouble tracking some down.

What you need to make this project

A few scraps of Oly-Fun™ in Clover
Red Sparkle Shoes in desired size
Low-Temp Glue Sticks
Low or Multi-Temp Glue Gun

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Step One

Cut two half circles of Oly-Fun™ slightly larger in diameter than the opening of your shoe.  Then cut into rounded points.  Check fit before gluing and re-cut if necessary.


Apply just a bit of hot glue to the underside of the shoe opening and attach your oly-fun.  Be sure to have your glue gun set to the LOW TEMP setting so you don’t melt your oly-fun™.  You’ll also want to press the oly-fun™ into the glue well, so you don’t end up making a bump with your glue making the shoes uncomfortable to wear.

Make your own Strawberry Kiss Shopkins Shoes in about 5 minutes

Step Two

You can go to my Pieces by Polly blog for more details about how to make the coordinating Strawberry Kiss Trick-or-Treat bag featuring our metallic red Oly-Fun™.