Storybook Tuffet Cushion

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The only thing that might be just as fulfilling as reading your little one a bedtime storybook is when they reach the age to start reading on their very own and you realize you have passed along the joy of reading and all it will brings into their life. That curiosity is something to see, whether they are truly reading or simply making up their very own stories to the wonder of the book’s illustrations. What could be cuter than a Storybook Tuffet Cushion for your little one to sit on, lounge or drag around the house? Perfect for reading, storytelling, watching television and more. Fully illustrated diagrams will have you sewing in no time at all.

What you need to make this project

Soft Support Foam Tuffet
Stick double sided fusible webbing
¼ yard 60 inch wide fabric for cushion sides – wool blends work well
¼ yard XoticFelt® bamboo felt - National Nonwovens – Ocean Breeze
2/3 yard of sport’s weight cotton print for top and bottom of cushion
XoticFelt® bamboo felt in assorted colors for flowers
Assorted Embroidery & Pearl cotton threads from DMC
3/16 inch Cable cord
Embroidery needles
Sizzix®Big Shot™ die cut machine and assorted flower dies
Sewing machine
Basic sewing, pressing, meauring and cutting tools and supplies

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Step One

Cut an 8 inch by 59 inch rectangle from the wool blend fabric and a 5 inch by 59 inch rectangle from the Ocean Breeze bamboo felt. Diagram A
Fully illustrated diagrams have been provided, see Storybook Cushion Diagrams
Storybook Cushion

Step Two

Cut a gentle curve along the one edge of the bamboo felt. Lay it on top of the wool blend fabric and adjust the curve as desired. The depth of the curve should be the same at each end. Once you are pleased with the curve, stitch the bamboo fabric on top of the wool blend fabric using a decorative stitch on your sewing machine. We used a blanket stitch. To prevent fraying, stitch around all of the outside edges using a zigzag stitch. Diagram B

Step Three

Fuse Stick to the back of the bamboo felt colors and using the die cut machine and assorted dies, cut out multiple flowers, leaves and stems. Lay them on top of the cushion side fabric and adjust the cutouts until you are pleased with their placement. Fuse flowers in place using a pressing cloth. Note: A ½ inch seam allowance has been added to the back edge of the cushion side. Save one flower to cover the back seam once it has been sewn together. It is easier to embroider on a flat piece therefore the seam will not be sewn until all of the embroidery has been finished with the exception of the last flower. Alternately you may hand cut flowers and stems. Diagram C

Step Four

Carefully whip stitch each of the cut outs to the cushion side using matching threads and small stitches so that the stitches blend into the fabric. Using the embroidery needles and the assorted threads; embellish the flowers and stems as desired. We used a variety of stitches. Full illustrations of many embroidery stitches are available on the internet or go directly to site. Diagram D

Step Five

With right sides together, stitch the back seam. Press the seam open and fuse the last flower over the seam. Repeat step 4. Diagram E

Step Six

Lay the cushion on top of the print fabric. Trace around the outside edge of the cushion using a removable fabric marker. Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Cut out two circles. To prevent fraying, stitch around the outside edges using a zigzag stitch. Alternately cut two 19 inch circles and then stitch around the outside edge using a zigzag stitch. Diagram F

Step Seven

Piping: Cut two 1 5/8 inch by 59 inch rectangles. With right sides together, stitch the short ends together using a ½ inch seam allowance. Press the seam open. Cut a 58 inch length of 3/16 inch cable cord and hand stitch the ends together. Attach a zipper foot to your machine. With right sides out, fold the fabric strip over the cable cord and stitch next to the cording. Repeat to create a second length of piping. Diagram G

Step Eight

Strap: Cut a 2 ½ inch by 12 inch rectangle from the print fabric. With right sides together; stitch along the long edge. Turn right side out and press. Top stitch along either side of the strap. Fold in half and pin to the cushion side’s top edge along the seamline. Diagram H

Step Nine

Pin the piping to the top and bottom edges of the cushion side and baste in place. Diagram I

Step Ten

Fold the cushion side piece along the seam line and place a pin at the center front. Fold once again and mark halfway between the front and back on either side. Be sure to place markings along the top and bottom edge of the cushion side piece. Fold the 19 inch circles cut earlier in half and then in half again to mark the center front, back and sides. Diagram J

Step Eleven

With right sides together; pin one of the circles along the top side edge of the cushion sides being sure to match the marks made earlier. Baste all of the layers together. Stitch using a ½ inch seam. Diagram K

Step Twelve

Stitch around the remaining 19 inch circle, stitching ½ inch away from the outside edge. Sew two rows of gathering stitching around the circle, stitching ¼ inch and 3/8 inches away from the raw edges. Using the iron and gently pulling the gathering stitches; turn under the raw edges of the fabric to form a perfect 18 inch circle. Diagram L

Step Thirteen

Sew the cushion bottom to the cushion sides by hand using a needle and thread and matching the marks made earlier.