Storage Seat DIY

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Don’t you just love storage that doubles as decor? I came up with this pretty and practical solution for my daughter’s room. This storage seat is a great way to store toys as well as provide seating for kids at play!


What you need to make this project

Soft Support Foam Tuffet Kit
Fur Fabric from Shannon Fabrics
Sturdy Rope Tub (21 inches wide)
Staple Gun
Hammer and Nails

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Soft Support Foam Tuffet Kit


Price: $62.99

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Step One

Trace the wood circle from the tuffet kit onto the back of the fur fabric. This piece will cover the base of the tuffet. Use a craft knife to cut out the circle from the fabric. I prefer to use a craft knife when cutting fur fabric because it really cuts down on the mess! This way you only cut the backing while leaving all the luxuriously soft fur intact.

Step Two

Glue the round foam tuffet to the wood base.
Lay the batting (it comes with the tuffet kit) on your work surface. Place the foam on the batting with the wood base facing you. Pull the batting up to the edge of the wood base and staple it in place. Continue working around the tuffet, stapling the batting to the wood. When you are done you can trim off the excess batting.

Step Three

Place your fur fabric right side down on your work surface. Place the batting covered foam on the fabric so that the wood base is on top. Pull the fur fabric to the wood and staple it in place.

Step Four

Take a loop of cord and staple it to one side of the base. Repeat on the other side. These handles will be used to pull the tuffet out of the storage tub and to tote the seat around.

Step Five

Place the circle from step one on the base.  This piece will cover the loop ends and the staples on the bottom of the tuffet seat. If you are having trouble getting your staples through the two layers of fur and the batting then use a hammer and nails to hold the base piece in place.  The fur will hide all the nail heads!

Step Six

The tuffet seat slides perfectly into the storage container. Now you can hide your mess while creating additional seating. My daughter is enjoying using her storage seat to sit on while playing. She can sit on the tuffet whether it is on or off the storage base!