Stitch and Go Tote

Categories: Utility, Bags and Totes

The Stitch and Go Tote is handy for organizing on the go.

A companion to the Stitch and Go Linens, this soft and pliable tote is excellent for transporting pillows, towels, blankets, toys and even picnic supplies.  The basic design makes it easy to increase tote size for those with oodles more stuff. Designed By: Fairfield Design Team

Designer Notes: Larger totes make terrific hampers. Tuck into a corner or closet.  Personalize by adding a monogram or name.


What you need to make this project

Stiffen One Sided Fusible Interfacing
1 yd. Shannon - Fabric Waffle Terry Fabric Silver
¼ yds. Fabric.Com - Swavelle Mill Creek/ Dalusio Damask Denim 0408325
¼ yds. Fabric.Com – Indigo Denim 11 oz. Medium Dark 0391353
Fiskars® Non-Stick 8” Scissors
Fiskars® Titanium Rotary Cutter
Fiskars® Cutting Mat 24” x 36”
Folding Acrylic Ruler 6 X 24
Sewing Machine w/Coordinating Thread

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Stiffen One Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 10 Yard Roll

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Step One

Using the rotary cutter, cutting mat and acrylic ruler, cut one piece of the gray waffle terry and one piece of Stiffen to 40” X 20”

Note: The measurements will determine the tote size as this piece will become the tote body. Increase or decrease length and width depending on the tote size desired.


Step Two

Place the Stiffen on an ironing safe surface fused size up. Place the piece of gray Waffle Terry on top. Set the iron on the steam setting. Place a damp cloth over top and press with the iron till the gray Waffle Terry is fused to the Stiffen.

Step Three

To create the tote body, slightly bend the fused piece in half length-wise. Do not crease the center fold. Sew the two ends together.

Step Four

After sewing, the tote body will take the shape of a tube with the Stiffen on the outside and the gray waffle terry on the inside.

Step Five

Pick up the tote body tube. Fold top edge down halfway over to the lower edge to expose the gray Waffle Terry on the exterior and interior sides. Manipulate the ends together until even.

What just happened is very clever because by folding the tube over itself the Stiffen side became the core of the tote.

Fold = top of tote (seen above in photo)

Ends = bottom of tote (resting on the cutting mat)

Step Six

Making and attaching the handles.

Cut two pieces of the Dalusio Damask Denim fabric 4” X 30” for the handles.


Step Seven

To create the handles, fold the 4” x 30” strip of fabric in half, finished sides out. Tuck raw edges into the center fold ¼”. Pin to hold. Stitch the length of the strip to close. Rotate fabric and create a decorative stitch on the folded side.

Step Eight

To attach the handles to the tote, stitch a square pattern on inside of tote.

Step Nine

Measure the bottom circumference of the tote. Cut a piece of fabric to size of tote bottom.

Step Ten

Pin fabric circle to the bottom outside of the tote. Machine stitch in place.

Step Eleven

Cut a 1 ½” wide strip of indigo denim fabric. Length will be determined by the tote’s circumference. Fold the ends into the inside. Pin folded strip over the rough ends of the tote to create a finished edge. Stitch in place.

Step Twelve

Gently mold tote in shape.