Stitch and Go Linens

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Our DIY Stitch & Go Linens are the perfect weight for summertime fun.

Soft & flexible, these Waffle Terry towels and pillows are a must have for drying off then snoozing by the pool. Out Stitch and Go linen projects are easy to personalize too. Our step-by-step instructions make it super easy to increase the size of your project.


What you need to make this project

2 Soft Touch Pillows
Shannon Fabric Waffle Terry Fabric- Silver (Pillow 25” X 33” – Towel 46” x 66”)
Aleene’s ¼” Fabric Fusion (No-Sew Version)
1 Yard Decorative Cotton Fringe
Fiskars Non-Stick 8” Scissors
Fiskars Titanium Rotary Cutter
Fiskars Cutting Mat 24” x 36”
Folding Acrylic Ruler 6 X 24
Sewing Machine
Coordinating Thread

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Soft Touch® Pillow 12″ x 16″


Price: $11.99

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Stitch & Go Pillow Instructions

The materials listed are enough for two pillows.
Or you can use our step-by-step instructions increase the size of your project and make a larger pillow.

Step 1
Using Fiskars rotary cutter, mat and acrylic ruler, we cut our Waffle Terry fabric from Shannon Fabrics, to a size of 25” x 33”.

Fiskars rotary Cutter and cutting mat

Step 2

Fold your fabric in half and sew on three sides  (right side, left side and bottom…the fold is the 4th side), leave an opening on one side to insert the Poly-fil® SoftTouch Pillow form.

Pin together and sew

Step 3

Place the Soft-Touch 12” X 16” pillow inside the pillow case.  Tuck opening edges in ½”. Pin and sew together.



Stitch and Go Towel Instructions

Fiskars rotary Cutter and cutting mat

Step 1
Cut your Waffle Terry fabric from Shannon Fabrics using your a rotary cutter, mat and acrylic ruler, to the size of 46” x 66”.


Crete finished edge

Step 2
Fold edges over ¼” and then again ¼” to create a finished edge completely around the towel.  Stitch in place.  If using the fusion tape.  Place tape on the outer end of the Waffle Terry and fold end in.  Press with hand to ensure tape bond.


This coordinating Stitch & Go Tote makes an excellent carrier.  Why not make one today.

the Stitch & Go Tote makes an excellent carrier