Stamped Pillows

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These wonderful hand stamped pillows are super simple to make because you stamp right on the pillow insert. No need to make a pillow cover. You can create your own design and embellish as you wish making it easy to coordinate with any room in your home. They also make perfect personalized gifts.

What you need to make this project

18” X 18” Soft Touch® Pillow
Block Stamp with desired pattern
Black Fabric Stamp Pad
Azalea, Cornflower, Grape, Holiday Green, White- Tulip Matte Fabric Paint
Chunky Weight Cotton Yarn- Tulip COLORLAB
Rose Pink, Lime-Tulip One Step Dye
Crystal- Scribblers Fabric Glitter- Tulip
Rainbow Brush Tip Fabric Marker Set- Tulip
Soap Eraser
Zip-Lock® Plastic Bag
Large Tassel Maker- Pattie Wack
8” X 12” Poster Board
1 yard scrap fabric
Non-Stick Scissors 8”- Fiskars
Patty Wack Large Tassel Maker
#4 & #6 Round Acrylic Brushes

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Soft Touch® Pillow 18″ x 18″


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Step One

Remove the stuffing from the pillow. Set aside. Pillow case will need to lay flat for stamping. Iron wrinkles out if needed. Set aside.

Conduct a print test prior to working on the pillow case. Test should be done using a piece of scrap fabric.

Note: Unlike traditional stamping where the fabric is placed on a hard surface, using an  block stamp requires the fabric to be placed on a soft surface so the image can be pressed down into the fabric.  To create a soft surface, fold the one yard piece of scrap fabric to create a thick pad. Place the folded fabric under the area to be stamped. Move fabric pad as needed.


Step Two

Place the piece of poster board inside the pillow case. This will keep the fabric ink from bleeding through. Place pillow case on a flat surface on top of the folded scrap fabric.
Determine the arrangement of the images on the pillow case.

Step Three

Turn the block stamp upside down and tap ink pad on the image. Work quickly and cover the entire image so ink is wet for printing. Re- ink for each print made to ensure a good print.

Step Four

Place block down on the pillow case. Press down on the block using both hands. Rock block slightly but do not lift while moving the block.


Step Five

Lift block. Ink is wet so avoid area with hands. Continue printing the pillow case until desired design is achieved. Let ink dry.


Step Six

Images will vary. Some perfect, some darker or lighter. Touch ups can be made for missing or lighter lines by hand drawing the missing area with a fabric marker. Darker lines can be lightened and smudges can be removed with the soap eraser. For dark line, wait till the ink is completely dry then rub eraser over the dark ink area. For smudges, let ink set about 15 min then rub area with the soap eraser. Always test erasing on a small area to ensure ink is dry. This trick may not work with all inks.

After ink is dry, heat set the ink by ironing over the image using a medium heat setting and a cotton setting cloth.  Place cloth over image and iron.  No steam.

Step Seven

There are several ways to color in the print design. Markers and fabric paints look fantastic and are easy to apply. Place the poster board blotter inside the pillow case and line up under the area being painted.

Step Eight

Use the azalea, cornflower, grape, holiday green and white fabric paint. Mix a small amount of white paint with the colors for lighter hues. Thin the fabric paint down with a little water on a foil palette. Blend the water well into the paint. Begin coloring in the center of the image and lightly brush the color onto the image. Color will slightly bleed into the shape creating a water color effect. Paint the entire case, moving the poster board under each new area. Let paint dry.

Step Nine

Highlight painted areas with a fabric marker. Lighter or transparent color markers look best. Images can also be colored in using fabric markers only.

Step Ten

Add sparkle by brushing the crystal fabric glitter paint over various portions of the design. Let paint dry. Fill pillow case with stuffing, stitch closed.



Step Eleven

Using the tassel maker and chunky yarn, make four tassels for each pillow. Attach by sewing one tassel to each corner of the pillow.


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