Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

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I love Quilting but sometimes I just want to make something that does not take so long which is why I love Faux Quilting. You get the look of quilting without the hours and hours of cutting and piecing.

This Quick & Easy, Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow is a great first project to try.

What you need to make this project

Crafter's Choice® Pillow 12" x 12"
14" x 14" Soft & Toasty™ Cotton Batting
14" x 14" White Cotton Fabric, 3
White Thread
Ann Butler Crafter's Ink: Limelight, Berry, Tangelo, Ocean Breeza
Ann Butler Background Basics Stamps: Checks Square, Basket Square, Basket Triangle
Sewing Machine
Baby Wipes
Pins (optional)

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Crafter’s Choice® Pillow 12″ x 12″


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Step One

Ink up your stamps, I chose to use Ann Butler Checks Square, with Tangleo color ink. I started by placing the first image in the upper left corner of 1 piece of fabric, leaving 1″ at the top edge and left edge.

Note: Use a baby wipe to clean the stamps off between colors.

Step Two

Using the Basket Triangle stamp 2 triangles with Limelight on the right side and bottom edge of the first stamped image.

Note: Re-ink the stamp before each impression.


Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

Step Three

Stamp two more triangles using Tangleo ink, next to the first 2 triangles to create 2 squares.

Step Four

Ink up the Checks Square with Limelight and stamp 3 times next to the triangle squares and once below the last triangle square.

Step Five

To finish of the top row ink up the Picnic Square with Berry and stamp it next to the top Limelight Square.  Stamp a second Picnic Square using Ocean Breeze placing it below the top Limelight Square and next to the middle Limelight Square.  Ink up the Picnic Square with Berry and stamp it below the middle Limelight Square and next to the last Limelight Square.  Finish off with a Picnic Square in Ocean Breeze by placing it below the last Limelight Square.

Step Six

Repeat steps 4, 3, 2, and 1 to finish off the pattern.
Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

Step Seven

Heat set with a dry iron.


Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

Step Eight

Layer printed fabric with a 14″ x 14″ piece of Soft & Toasty.
or Toasty Cotton Batting from Fairfield
Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

Step Nine

Machine stitch between the squares and diagonally through the squares.  Then stitch around the outside edge of the stamped images, this will be used as a guide in the next step.

Stamped Faux Quilted PillowFaux Quilted Pillow

Step Ten

Fold one edge of one of the remaining pieces of fabric over 1/4″ and iron in place.  Fold a second time to cover the raw edge, press and sew in place.  Repeat with the remaining piece of fabric.

Place right sides facing up of these two pieces of fabric and overlap the finished edges approximately 8″.  Then, place the stamped/quilted layer on top with right sides facing.

Stitch around the outer edge using the guide you created in the last step as your guide.  Trim as needed.
Faux Quilted Pillow

Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

Step Eleven

Turn right sides out and place the Crafter’s Choice Pillow Form inside.

Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow

Enjoy your finished Pillow!

Stamped Faux Quilted Pillow