Spotty the Turtle Applique Pattern

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What you need to make this project

1/4 Yard Green Cuddle Fabric for Shell
Cuddle Fabric Scraps for other part of Turtle
1/3 yard Smooth Fusible Fleece
Coodinating Thread for each fabric in the applique
1/2 yard Paper-backed Fusible webbing

Download Pattern

Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine
Pen or pencil
Iron and Ironing Board

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Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing 44.5″ Wide X 6 Yard Roll

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Step One

This tutorial will teach you how to make the turtle applique.  For the free quilt pattern and tutorial, please go to the Half-Square Blocks Quilt Pattern on Pieces by Polly’s website here.

You will need to print one copy of the applique pattern.  For a turtle the same size as the one in the pictures, please click on the “Download Pattern” link near the top of this page.  If you want to resize the pattern for a smaller turtle, you can click on the picture below, save to your computer, and open and resize in a photo editing or word processing program.


Step Two

Trace your pattern pieces on the papery side of your paper-backed fusible web.  Remember that all pieces will be REVERSED on your quilt, so make sure your turtle is facing the way you want it.

015 Seeing Spots Quilt

Step Three

Cut out your pieces from the paper-backed fusible web and iron onto the BACK of your fabric.  If you’re using Cuddle Fabric, be sure your iron is NOT set too hot.  I use my iron on the polyester setting and you want to use your iron sparingly.  Cut out your piece again and peal off the paper backing.


Step Four

Arrange your pieces on your quilt with the head and feet pieces tucked a bit underneath the shell pieces.  Iron in place, using the iron sparingly and always moving the iron in the direction of cuddle fabric.  (If your iron is too hot it can leave an imprint on your fabric and/or make the fabric slightly less soft.)

018 Seeing Spots Quilt

Iron your pieces just long enough that they will stay in place when you flip the quilt over and you can iron it more thoroughly from the back so that all the edges are sealed.

Seeing Spots 019

Step Five

Cut a piece of Smooth Fusible Fleece just a little bigger than the turtle applique.  Iron onto the back of your quilt using a polyester setting on your iron.

020 Seeing Spots Quilt

Step Six

Use a satin stitch or tight zigzag stitch to sew around all the raw edges of your design.  Start with the head and feet.  Instead of back-stitching, leave your thread ends long and pull them through to the back and tie a knot.

021 Seeing Spots Quilt 022 Seeing Spots Quilt

Step Seven

And finally use a little satin stitching to add a little eye and mouth.  I found the most effective way to mark the lines I wanted for them was to “pet” the cuddle down flat and then use my fingernail to draw the line to follow.


Step Eight

And finally wanted the Smooth to really make the Turtle “pop” when I quilted it, so I only wanted the smooth right behind the turtle, so I trimmed the excess.

023 Seeing Spots Quilt

Step Nine

And from here you can go on and finish with quilting and binding your quilt.  For more details about the background pattern in this quilt, you can go to the Half-Square Blocks Quilt Pattern on Pieces by Polly’s website here.