Spooky Halloween Spider Webs

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Adding spider webs to your Halloween decor is such an easy, inexpensive way to add a big statement! These faux spider webs are made from Poly-Fil Extra Loft quilt batting. I picked up the Craft Size and it was the perfect amount for my project.


There’s a few reasons to really love this quilt batting for a project like this:

  • It isn’t messy. Crazy right? It looks like it would make a big mess but it doesn’t!! This material is high quality and it holds together nicely, even after tugging/ripping it.
  • It is soft and flowy looking. It doesn’t require a lot of tweaking once you place it. Mine fell just how it should.
  • It is reusable! I rolled it all back up and stored it in the bag it came in! That’s a win.


With just a little pulling and tearing, you can have this quilt batting looking spooky in no time!

For a step by step tutorial, head on over to Clover Lane Blog.

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Poly-Fil Extra-Loft® Batting 36″ x 45″


Price: $6.99

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