Small Fur Pillow

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Make this small soft and furry throw pillow for your room. We all know faux fur is the trend and with these easy to follow directions you can make one in no time at all.

What you need to make this project

12” X 16” Home Elegance Pillow
13’ X 17” Piece- “It Takes Two” in Aqua Sole Mate Amy Butler Fabric/Free Spirit
13” X 17” Piece- Curly Yak Fur Rosewood- Shannon Fabrics
Aqueous All-Thread COATS

Download Pattern

Razor Edge Fabric 8” Fiskars
Sewing Machine

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Home Elegance® Pillow 12″ x 16″


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Step One

Cut Curly Yak faux fur and Amy butler SoleMate fabric to measure 13” X 17” following the suggested cutting instructions. Adjust cut sizes to accommodate pillow being used. Increase the width and length by 1”. This will allow a ¼” seam allowance.

Step Two

Following the suggested sewing instructions, sew the pillow together leaving one end open to allow pillow to be inserted.

Step Three

Turn case right sides out. Insert Pillow.

Step Four

Fluff fur edges.