Simple Zippered Pillow Tutorial

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You’re going to love this simple zippered pillow tutorial. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a pillow cover there is.  Never sewed a zipper before?  Don’t worry.  This is the perfect project to learn zipper sewing skills.

What you need to make this project

Home Elegance® Pillow 24″ x 24″
2/3 Yard 54" Wide Cotton Fabric OR
OR 1 1/3 yards 45" wide fabric
22" Zipper
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter and Mat or Scissors

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Home Elegance® Pillow 24″ x 24″


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Step One

Start by cutting two 24″ inch squares from your fabric. The particular cotton fabric I chose came 54″ wide which allowed me to cut both pillow pieces side-by-side from 2/3 yards of fabric.  (If your fabric shop gave you a generous cut, go ahead and cut a 25″ square.)

If you’re using regular 42-44″ wide fabric, you may want to make 20″ pillow, so you don’t have to buy twice as much fabric.  If choose to make a 20 inch pillow, you’ll want to use an 18″ zipper.

Simple Zipper Pillow 002

Step Two

Layer your two pillow pieces together with RIGHT SIDES together, and lining up all edges evenly.

Simple Zipper Pillow 003

Step Three

Pin along one side and stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Stitch at the LONGEST STITCH LENGTH available on your sewing machine because we’ll be removing this seam later to accommodate our zipper.

Simple Zipper Pillow 004

Simple Zipper Pillow 005

Step Four



Restitch the last 2 inches of the seam with a regular stitch length and backstitch as marked in red below.  This will secure the stitching on each end of the zipper.


Step Five

Iron the seam open.

Simple Zipper Pillow 007

Step Six

Pin your zipper over your ironed seam, with the zipper centered over the seam.  Your zipper will be slightly shorter than your fabric, so center the zipper between the edges of your fabric.

Simple Zipper Pillow 009

Step Seven

Use a zipper foot or set your sewing machine to stitch as far left as possible.  Stitch the zipper securely on all sides.

Simple Zipper Pillow 011   Simple Zipper Pillow 012


Backstitch at each end of the zipper for extra security.  Remove pins.

Simple Zipper Pillow 013

Step Eight

Use a seam ripper to re-open the seam covering your zipper.

Simple Zipper Pillow 014

Step Nine

Unzip your zipper a couple of inches.

Simple Zipper Pillow 015


Step Ten

Fold your pillow at the zipper with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, matching all edges and corners, and pin.

Simple Zipper Pillow 016

Step Eleven

Stitch around the remaining 3 sides with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Simple Zipper Pillow 018

Step Twelve

Clip the corners being careful not to cut your thread.  This will give you better looking corners on your finished pillow.

Simple Zipper Pillow 019

Step Thirteen

Reach your hand in and unzip the rest of the zipper.  Turn right side out.

Simple Zipper Pillow 020

Step Fourteen

Add your pillow insert or Poly-Fil stuffing.

Simple Zipper Pillow 022    Simple Zipper Pillow 023

Step Fifteen

Have fun making these pillows in all sorts of patterns and fabrics.




Simple Zippered Pillow Tutorial

Simple Zippered Pillow Tutorial