Shoe Stuffies with oly*fun™

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Are you looking for a special gift for yourself or a dear friend? Did you happen to make the Shoe Bags featured recently in the Fairfield World blog post? If so, perhaps this is the project you have been looking for…..

What you need to make this project

oly*fun™ Bubble Gum
poly-fil® polyester fiberfill
Embellishments; Buttons
Ribbon; 16" of 1" wide ribbon for each pair of shoe stuffies
Basic Sewing Supplies; Sewing Machine, Iron, Pressing cloth, Needle & Thread etc.

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Step One

When ironing oly*fun:  Set your iron to the silk setting and always use a pressing cloth. Both sides of oly*fun™ can be considered the right side of the fabric, the choice really is yours to make, however be consistent for a more finished look.

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Step Two

Using the shoe of your choice, trace the outline of the shoe onto a piece of paper. Be sure the marker is perpendicular as you trace around the shoe to achieve a clear pattern. Using a copy machine, increase your pattern 140%.

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Step Three

Lay the pattern on top of your color choice of oly*fun™ and cut out four pieces (two for each stuffie).

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Step Four

Using a 1/4″ seam, sew around the outside edge of the Shoe Stuffie leaving the top edge open. Trim close to stitching line.

Step Five

Turn Shoe Stuffie right side out and press.  Fill the stuffie with Poly-Fil® and potpourri. Turn under raw edges 1/2″, insert an 8″ length of ribbon folded in half and then stitch across the top edge of the stuffie. Add a button if desired to finish your Shoe Stuffie.

Step Six

Create a matching set for yourself or a dear friend. For detailed instructions on how to make the shoe bags refer to the previous post entitled Shoe Bags featuring oly*fun™