Serviette Scatter Cushions

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Transform ordinary dinner napkins into chic scatter cushions. DIY in no time by simply stitching two napkins together then stuff with Fairfield’s Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill.

Trim with fluffy pompoms or leave plain.

What you need to make this project

Fabric Napkins Vintage (Red) or New (Black)- Hearth & Hand with Magnolia By Target
Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill- Fairfield
Coordinating Yarn- Wool-Easy/Thick & Quick (Cranberry) Lion Brand Yarn
8” Scissors- Fiskars
Sewing Machine, Straight Pins, Coordinating Thread and Needle

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Step One

Select fabric dinner napkins to be used. Two napkins will be needed to make each cushion. We used 16” x 16” (red) & 20” x 20” (black) napkins for our cushions.

We were lucky and found a stack of 11 red checker napkins at a flea market for $4.00 that had not been used. As this was an amazing find we also used black checker napkins from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia we purchased at Target. The package cost $9.99 for 4 napkins. However, any fabric dinner napkins can be used. Check out the selection at Pier One as well as other home decorative stores and remember, on sale/clearance is always preferred!



Step Two

Begin by placing two napkins together, right side facing out. Pin along the napkin’s hem line. Pin completely around the napkin.

Machine stitch the napkin together. We stitched over the hem stitch provided. Note: The napkins have finished edges. We incorporated these edges in the design by leaving them on the outer side of the seam. It gives a unique yet finished touch to the cushions.


Step Three

Leave a 4” or slightly larger opening on one side of the cushion for stuffing. Knot and cut all thread off.

Stuff cushion. We find working the Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill from the bottom up is best. Begin by placing Poly-Fil® in each bottom corner. Fill the bottom half with Poly-Fil®, continue adding Poly-Fil® until ¾ of the cushion is full, stuff the top corner with Poly-Fil® then finish by stuffing the remaining quarter.

Note: If needed, level Poly-Fil® bumps by placing cushion between hands and clap (like you’re making a tortilla). Clap hands together around the cushion till evenly stuffed.


Step Four

Pin the opening closed. Hand stitch opening closed. Knot to secure threads. Cut excess off. Remove pins.  Note: Edges will be open above the stitch line giving a unique feature to the cushion.

Repeat the above process for all additional cushions needed.


Step Five

Trim cushions. We made two different sizes of pompoms for our cushion set.

Note: For pompom making instructions see our craft page Pompom Making PDF

Step Six

Pompoms were hand sewn on to trim each cushion.

Three centered 2” pompoms.

Eight 2” pompom. Two centered on each side.

Eight 2” pompoms. Four lining two sides.

To make all 2” pompoms we wrapped the pompom maker 15 times with yarn.

Four 3” pompom one sewn on each corner. Wrap a 3” pompom maker 35 time with yarn.


Step Seven

If preferred, leave cushions un- trimmed for a clean line design.

Serviette Scatter Cushions also makes a great handmade gift. There are so many colours and patterns available in dinner napkins, it can become addicting.

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