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This combination sensory and calming lap blanket is ideal for keeping restless fingers busy. Dementia patients and those with Autism and ADHD can benefit from the comforting, calming effect the weight provides. Touching and Fidgeting with the attached sensory elements on the blanket can elicit curiosity, spark memories and general awareness, as well as enhance focus and concentration. Designer Pattie Wilkinson was inspired to create this project to provide stimulation for Dad who suffers from Dementia.

Pattie told us, “My choice of fabrics needed to be attractive and appealing so that my mom would be happy to see it laying around the house when not in use.  (My parents had a quilting business in Oklahoma for many years and have a genuine appreciation for pretty fabrics, elaborate trims, and sewing notions.)  I felt like Dad would be happy to have familiar calicos, fringe, pompoms, beads, and buckles to fidget with on his Poly-Pellets® Sensory Blanket.

Another requirement was that his Busy Blanket needed to be washable.  Dad loves coffee, but his shaky hands don’t always keep his coffee cup steady.  So, I designed the case to have a zipper opening and to be separate from the weighted insert so my mom can place the case in a lingerie bag and wash it on the gentle cycle and hang it up to dry.

If you’re a sewer and a maker like me, you will probably be able to find all the supplies you need in your fabric and sewing stash.  Have fun making a Sensory Busy Blanket with Poly-Pellets® for someone special in your life.”

To make your own Sensory Stimulation Busy Blanket, click on this link to download the materials list and instructions.

What you need to make this project

Assorted fabrics, trims and notions

Download Pattern

General Sewing supplies
Measuring cups

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