Seeing Spots Cuddle Baby Quilt

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This super soft and cuddly baby blanket is made with a Seeing Spots Cuddle Cake from Shannon Fabrics as well as a little additional yardage and cotton poly blend batting. The cuddle fabric is perfect for a baby blanket. The front is made of squares and rectangles pieced together and alternated with bigger squares. It is quilted with simple X’s through the blocks and to make binding the quilt really easy the backing is just cut a little bigger than the top, wrapped around to the front and sewn down.

What you need to make this project

Quilter 80/20 ™ Batting 45" x 60"
1 Seeing Spots Cuddle Cake
5/8 yard star cuddle midnight
1 1/4 yards cuddle dimple teal
coordinating thread
rotary cutter, mat, ruler, and scissors
sewing machine
basting spray

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Quilters 80/20™ Batting 45″ x 60″


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  • cutting cuddle cake

Step One

Start by opening up your cuddle cake and taking out the 2 star cuddle midnight squares. You will use those along with the yardage for the big squares. The remaining 18 squares in your cuddle cake, you really only need 16 but cutting all 18 gives you more variety, you will cut into rectangles and small squares.

Cut each 10″ square as follows:

1- rectangle 5″ x 9 1/2″

2- squares 5″ x 5″


Step Two

Trim the 2 midnight cuddle star squares and the cut the yardage into the following squares

9- 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ squares

Step Three

At this point layout your quilt so you can decide on placement. It will be 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down and made of some solid squares (the star midnight) and pieced squares (one rectangle and 2 small squares). The pieced blocks are turned in all different directions. The layout is as follows:

Solid, Pieced, Pieced, Solid, Pieced

Pieced, Solid, Pieced, Pieced, Solid

Pieced, Pieced, Solid, Pieced, Pieced

Solid, Pieced, Pieced, Solid, Pieced

Pieced, Solid, Pieced, Pieced, Solid

Once I had the layout I liked I took a picture on my phone so that I could refer back to it as I pieced.

Step Four

Sew each of your pieced blocks together, sew the 2 small squares together and then sew that piece to the rectangle. Once you have your small blocks pieced, sew the blocks together to make your rows, then sew the rows together to complete the top. As you piece your top be sure to pin everything. The cuddle fabric can stretch and move so pinning everything helps a lot.

Step Five

Layer your backing, batting, and top. Use basting spray to baste everything together. Make sure you leave a couple inches of backing all the way the edge of the top because you will use that later to bind the quilt.

  • quilting seeing spots

Step Six

Quilt by stitching X’s through the blocks.

  • Trimming seeing spots quilt

Step Seven

Trim any excess batting from around the edge of the blanket. Then trim the backing so that there is 1″ all the way around the edge.

  • binding cuddle quilt

Step Eight

Fold the raw edge of the backing in to the edge of the quilt top, then fold it up over the edge of the quilt top and pin in place. Stitch around the binding close to the inside edge.