Scrappy Table Runner

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This is a great project to make using your fabric stash. Simple to create and great for holiday décor or gift giving. You can customize it to be any length for any size table. You could make four short ones to use as placemats or make it narrower and use for mantel decor.



What you need to make this project

23 – 2.5” x 16” strips of coordinating fabrics
1 – 17” x 48” piece of Fairfield Toasty Cotton™ Batting
1 – 17” x 48” piece of coordinating fabric for back
¼ yard Solid colored fabric for binding
Matching thread
Sewing Machine
Rotary cutter and Mat
Quilters Ruler (optional)
Basic sewing supplies

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Toasty Cotton Batting 45″ x 60″


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Step One

Lay out strips on table decide in what order you would like them. We designed ours so there was a single strip in the center of the runner and then a mirror image of strips from the center out.

Step Two

Lay the batting on the table. Starting on one end lay the first strip of fabric on top of the batting with right side facing up. Line it up with the shorter edge but leave about  ¼ inch of batting showing.

Pin and sew along the outside edge of the fabric using ¼ inch seam allowance.

Step Three

Now lay the next strip of fabric directly on top of the first strip with right side facing down.

Pin and sew inner edges and the batting together using ¼ inch seam allowance.

Step Four

Now unfold that strip and place the next strip of fabric on top of that strip lining up the raw edges. Pin and sew using ¼ inch seam allowance. Unfold strip.

Step Five

You will continue adding strips of fabric using this same method until all strips are attached.


Step Six

Lay the fabric for the back on the table with the right side facing down. Now lay the table runner on top with the right side facing up.

Use your ruler and trim and square off all sides of the runner. Pin and sew all the way around all four sides using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Step Seven

For the binding: Cut the binding fabric in 2” strips. Join the binding strips by cutting the ends of the strips on a 45° Now place two binding strips right sides together with the diagonal edges aligned. Slide them so that the ends extend ¼”.


Step Eight

Sew a ¼” seam across the cut edges. Press the seam allowances open and trim off the parts that extend beyond the edge of the binding strip.


Step Nine

Fold each end of the binding in ¼ inch and iron. Now fold the binding in half and iron again.

Step Ten

Starting at one end sandwich the raw edges of the runner in between the binding and pin. When you get to the corner you will tuck one side under to form the corner and pin in place.

Sew the binding on, making sure you catch both ends in a single line of stitching. When you get to the end trim and tuck the edge of the binding under before sewing.

Step Eleven