Scrappy Elephant

Categories: Decor, Kid Friendly, Bohemian

Our cute and colorful Scrappy Elephant was born when realized that one corner of our room needed a little “Something more” to make it more interesting.

Using the leftover fabrics from our projects along with our Oly*fun Multi purpose craft material, we put together this quick & easy, one of a kind wall decoration.

What you need to make this project

3M Spray Glue
Support foam Stabilizer
Material Scraps
Embellishments - Jewels, Beads, Yarn etc.
Craft knife
Pinking Shears
3M hooks for hanging

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Step One

Find an image of an elephant or other animal that you like and trace.

Enlarge your tracing to the desired size for your wall (piecing together if necessary)

Use as a template to cut out the animal shape from Support Foam Stabilizer..


Step Two

Spray your Oly*fun base color with the spray glue.

Place your Support foam Elephant shape on the sticky side of the Oly*fun, paying attention to the direction your finished Elephant will be facing.

Trim off excess Oly*fun.

Step Three

Cut scraps of material into interesting shapes with pinking sheers or decorative edge scissors.

Use spray glue on back f material pieces, and carefully place them on your Oly*fun covered elephant shape.

cover the entire shape if you choose with a patchwork of patterns, colors and textures…or allow some of the background color to show through as we did.

Let dry for 15 minutes.



Step Four

Embellish your design with beads, gems, yarn etc.

We used a glue gun to attach a piece of yarn to the back of our Scrappy Elephant. And hung him on the wall using 3m hooks, to add an additional pop of color to an otherwise empty wall.