Rustic Wood and Denim Lap Desk

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This rustic lap desk uses a palette wood sign, a denim cover and a casing full of Fairfield World Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler. It can be customized to fit anyone’s style and personal tastes. This lap desk is big enough to easily fit a laptop and mouse, drink and book, sketchbook and art supplies, or dishes for a meal. We use lap boards regularly in our house for many things, while lounging on the couch or floor.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler
Pallet sign
1/2 Yard denim fabric
1/2 Yard white cotton fabric
White thread
Black thread
Clear quilting ruler
Black pen
White chalk
Dritz Home heavy duty staple gun
Dritz Home heavy duty staples

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Step One

Measure your palette bottom. Add 2″ to each side. With those increased measurements, draft and cut two rectangles from white cotton.

Add 3″ to each side of the palette bottom measurements. With those increased measurements, draft and cut out one rectangle from denim.

Step Two

Straight pin the two white rectangles together. With a sewing machine and white thread, sew the two white rectangles together, 1/2″ from the edge, leaving a 4″-5″ gap for turning and filling.

Step Three

This step boxes the corners.

  • Fold the corners, so the seams line up. Measure 1″ from the corner, 1″ on each side of the seam. Using a pencil, mark that measurement. Straight pin along mark. Repeat for other 3 corners
  • At sewing machine, straight stitch down each pencil line
  • Cut away the excess corner fabric
  • Turn the casing inside out, using a chopstick to help shape all 8 corners


Step Four

Fill the casing 2/3rd with Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler. This will be messy. Use a cup to help pour filler into the casing. Straight pin the gap close. Clean up any filler spillage. Close filler bag.

Step Five

At sewing machine, straight stitch down gap, about 1/8″-1/4″ from the edge, making sure to angle stitch line into the existing seam to prevent filler spillage.

Step Six

Time to box the denim rectangle.

  • Fold two perpendicular sides of the denim rectangle, so they form a diagonal.
  • Measure 2″ up on the diagonal, and mark a straight line with pen.
  • Straight pin this marking line. Repeat for other 4 corners.
  • Straight stitch along that marking line.
  • Turn the casing right side out.

Step Seven

Turn the denim edges in 1/2″ and pin in place. Straight stitch the hem 1/4″ from the folded edge.

Step Eight

Place filler casing on palette back. Layer denim cover on top of filler casing. Use a heavy duty staple gun to secure the denim cover, making sure to pleat the corners if needed. Space staples about 1″ apart. Use hammer to gently tap in staples. Use pliers to remove any crooked staples.