Ruffled Batting Vases

Believe it or not, these vases are everyday clay pots covered with batting and the table runner is also batting, glued together in layers.

I loved making these vases so much, that I did a complete tablescape for an Autumn Tea, and then I did a total makeover for Christmas!

It’s a lot easier than you can imagine, so let me show you how I put it all together.

What you need to make this project

Fairfield Purely Cotton™ Batting
(5) 4" Clay Pots
Spray Adhesive
Measuring tape

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Step One

Cut three 13″ circles of Fairfield Purely Cotton™ Batting

Spray adhesive onto the first layer of batting.

Tip:  Either spray the adhesive outdoors or spray into a cardboard box indoors, in a well-ventilated area.

Step Two

Adhere the second layer of batting to the first layer with spray adhesive.


Spray adhesive over the bottom and sides of clay pot.

Step Three

Place the pot in the center of layered batting.

Press the batting into the glue on 4 sides of the pot.

Gather and press the rest of the batting to the pot.

Step Four

Turn the pot over and firmly press batting to the sides of the pot.

Flip the pot over and form the batting into a ruffle with your fingers.

Spray adhesive inside the pot and on the top of the ruffle.


Step Five

Gather the third circle of batting into a cone shape and place inside pot, pushing into the bottom of the pot to adhere.

Open the layer of batting and press it into the sides of the pot.

Press the batting into the ruffle to form a vase.

Step Six

Repeat the technique to make 5 Ruffled Vases for the tablescape.

Option:  To add color to the ruffle, glue a 3″ strip of dyed batting to the 2nd layer when assembling.



Step Seven

To Make Batting Table Runner:

Cut 3 layers of batting: 17″ wide x the length of your table, plus 12″ for an overhang on each end of the table. Glue the 3 layers together with spray adhesive.  Don’t worry too much about the edges being even.

Tear the edges of the batting on all 4 sides to create a soft, snowy effect.


Step Eight

Now your table runner is ready to place on the table to create a tablescape.


Step Nine

How-To Create An Autumn Tablescape:

Place the Table Runner down the center of the table. Place dishes with napkins on both sides of the table, and add wooden trays down the center of the table runner. Set the finished Ruffled Vases on wooden trays and table runner.

Step Ten

Fill the Ruffled Vases with plants or faux greenery.
Tip: Place a plastic liner in the Ruffled Vases when using real plants to keep them nice and clean. Accent the Ruffled Vases with kale and autumn colored vegetables and gourds. Add pumpkins and bowls of cookies for an autumn touch. Accent the Ruffled Vases with mushrooms, gourds, and peppers in fall colors.


Step Eleven

Your Fall Tablescape is now beautifully decorated for family and friends!

Step Twelve

How-To Transform Your Tablescape from Fall to Christmas:

Elevate a miniature rosemary Christmas tree in the middle of the table in Ruffled Vase. Accent the Ruffled Vases with red apples, kiwi and raspberries. Add cinnamon sticks for yummy Christmas smells mixed with the apples and rosemary.


Your Holiday Tablescape is all set to entertain!