Rey's Staff - Star Wars Costume - The Force Awakens - 15 Minute Project

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Star Wars characters make fun single costumes, or they can be put together for the ultimate coordinated group.  Oly-Fun™ Material makes these costumes really easy to make.  These directions are just for Rey Skywalker’s staff, but you can find the directions for making the rest of Rey’s Costume from Oly-Fun™ on my Pieces by Polly blog here.

What you need to make this project

1/4 Yard Oly-Fun™ in Hot Fudge or Craft Pack
1/2 Yard Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Tan
1/2 Yard Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack in Snow or Craft Pack
1" Wooden rod a little taller than your Rey
Brown Spray Paint
Low or Multi-Temp Glue Gun from AdTech
Glue Sticks from AdTech

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Step One

Start by spray painting your wooden rod brown.  Then cut strips of tan Oly-Fun™ about 2 inches wide.  Cut white strips about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide.  Cut one 2″ strip of Oly-Fun™ in Hot Fudge to use as her strap later.  Don’t worry about measuring them exactly or cutting them exactly straight.

Rey's Staff Costume Star Wars

Step Two

Rey’s hand grip is slightly off center, so we’re NOT doing this in the middle.  You want the hand grip centered at whatever height is comfortable for you to hold it.  Use a bit of hot glue to secure the end and begin twisting around the staff.  Secure the end with a bit of hot glue.  NOTE: When you’re using hot glue with Oly-Fun, you want to use the lower setting or your glue may melt the material.

star-wars-costumes-031 star-wars-costumes-032 star-wars-costumes-033


Step Three

Now we’re going to do the same thing with our white strips.  We want two distinct white parts, though, with tan showing in the middle and on each side of the white parts.  It took me two layers to completely cover up the tan.



Step Four

Now Rey is ready to fight…

Rey's Staff Rey's Staff

…some stormtroopers.

Rey's Staff

Oly-Fun™ also makes great Jedi costumes.  You can find those instructions on our site here.  (The storm trooper costume was purchased here…affiliate link.)