Reversible Spider Web Halloween Quilt

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What you need to make this project

1 Package Nature-Fil™ Bamboo Blend Batting 60″ x 60″
1 2/3 yards solid or near solid Orange quilting fabric. (We used Grunge by Basic Grey for Moda)
1 2/3 yards off-white quilting fabric (We used Kona Cotton Solids in Bone)
1/2 yard binding fabric (We used Kona Cotton in Black)
Black Machine Quilting Thread
Scissors or Rotary Cutter and Mat
Basting Spray
Sewing Machine
1 Large Spider from the Craft or Party Store (optional)

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Step One

Reversible Spider Web Halloween Quilt

Start by checking your front and back fabrics to see if one is smaller than the other.  Start with the smaller piece and trim and square the edges.  Then using that one as your starting point, use basting spray to layer and baste your two fabrics and you batting.  My favorite batting is Bamboo Rayon/Cotton blend because it has such a beautiful drape, but any Fairfield batting will work well.

Step Two

After you’ve got your three layers basted, it’s time to draw your spiderweb lines.  I recently discovered Frixon pens, available in the office supply section of just about any general purpose store.  They completely disappear with heat (like your iron.)  You can also use a more traditional fabric marking pencil…but I love these pens.

002 Spiderweb Quilt


Start by deciding where you want the center of your spiderweb to be.  I chose to have mine slightly off center, both vertically and horizontally.  I kind of tried to picture what a spiderweb would look like if it was in a window.  From your center spot, draw straight lines radiating out from the center, varying their distance apart.  These will become the main supporting spokes for your web.

003 Spiderweb Quilt

Step Three

Draw the filler lines.  These should swoop between your spokes.  I made most of them meet at the main spokes, but you’ll want to make a few of them not match up.  It’s also a good idea to skip going between a couple spokes once in a while.  Think about what a real spider web looks like.  I has a pretty regular pattern, but there are a few places where a strand has broken or where the spider stopped and picked up somewhere else.

Reversible Spider Web Quilt

Step Four

Choose a slightly decorative stitch that will results in really visible stitching that will not distract from the overall design of your quilt.  Even most basic machines have a some extra stitches to choose from. I settled on a stitch with a series of thick diagonal lines.  It set the stitch slightly wider for the main spoke lines and narrower for the swoops.  Leave your thread tails long and pull them through to the same side.  Tie them in a knot and bury the threads.

Reversible Spider Web Quilt Reversible Spider Web Quilt

Step Five

You may need to adjust your web design a little once you see it stitched out.  For instance, I was originally going to leave more of the bottom of the web open, but it just wanted to look more filled in.  (Thank you to everyone on Instagram for your opinions.  You can follow me @piecesbypolly on Instagram if you want to see my works-in-progress.)

Reversible Spider Web Quilt

So I drew some more lines and filled it in, and I think it looks much better.

Reversible Spider Web Quilt

And because most batting needs to be quilted every 6-8 inches to last over time, you may need to add a few quilting lines with hidden thread as additional spokes coming out from the center.  If you look closely, you can see them in the lower center part of my quilt.  I used orange top thread and white bobbin thread, so that the quilting would blend in well on both sides.

Step Six

Once you’re satisfied with the web stitching on your quilt, all that’s left is to do any last minute trimming of your overall quilt and add your binding.  There are lots of ways to bind a quilt, but my favorite is to do a double binding using 3″ strips, folded in half.  It will take 5 strips to bind your quilt.

Reversible Spider Web Halloween Quilt

Step Seven

And as the last, last step, you’ll want to acquire a giant hairy spider from your craft or party store, add a safety pin to it’s underside and pin it to your quilt.

Reversible Spider Web Quilt

Meet Aragog.

006-Spiderweb-Quilt Reversible Spider Web Quilt

I actually really love how he makes the quilt pop.

Reversible Spider Web Quilt Reversible Spider Web Halloween Quilt

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Spider Web Halloween Quilt