Carry-It-All Reinforced Book Bag

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Sometimes you need a tote bag capable of heavy lifting…and this reinforced book bag will definitely fit the bill.  The support foam stabilizer inside will help it keep it’s shape and securely hold whatever you pile into it…whether it’s books from your recent library trip or anything else.

What you need to make this project

1 yard outer fabric
1/2 yard inner fabric
1 fat quarter or quarter yard of contrasting fabric for applique
2 yards Support Foam Stabilizer
1/4 Yard Paper-backed Fusible Web
1/4 Soften Interfacing for backing applique
Basting spray
Printed copy of Kindness Rocks or Books template
Coordinating thread
Pen or pencil for tracing
Iron, sewing machine, and related sewing supplies

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Support Soft Foam Stabilizer 19″ x 8 Yard Roll


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Soften Interfacing 19″ Wide X 20 Yard Roll

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