Quilted Sweatshirt

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Sewing Magic! Use your favorite sweatshirt pattern to create a trendy, quilted sweatshirt. In this project we use cozy, Toasty Cotton quilt batting to make our own quilted fabric that transforms an ordinary sweatshirt project into an exciting new wardrobe look.

What you need to make this project

Toasty Cotton Quilt Batting (queen size)
Your Favorite Sweatshirt Pattern
3-4 Yards of your Favorite Cotton Fabric (to be exact, you will need twice as much as the pattern calls for in a size two sizes up from your measurements)
Standard Sewing Supplies
Clear Sewing Ruler (with 45 degree angle markings)
Fabric Marking Tool
Scotch Tape
Quilting Pins

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Soft & Toasty™ Natural Cotton Batting 90″ x 108″


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Step One

This project uses ‘made’ fabric to sew up an oversized sweatshirt in your preferred style. As a result, you will need to choose your favorite sweatshirt pattern and then GO UP AT LEAST TWO SIZES from the size your measurements indicate. Since the quilted cotton fabric will not have any stretch and sweatshirt patterns are designed assuming fabric that can stretch, you need to make sure you go up at least two sizes. (I suggest a cropped length for your sweatshirt not only because it’s a cool look but also because it eliminates any worry about fitting over the hips. But, that is just my preference.)

To determine how much fabric you need, identify what is required for the size you decided on and DOUBLE IT. Since you will be quilting the fabric it will be double-sided.

Once you have determined your size, your fabric needs, and have your pattern ready you can begin making your quilted fabric.

Start by cutting your full  length of fabric into two equal pieces. One of these will be on the bottom of your quilt sandwich and one will be on the top.

Tape one of the pieces onto the floor, on all four corners, pulling it tightly but not so tight that it stretches.

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Step Two

Place your Soft and Toasty cotton batting of the same size as the fabric on top of the taped fabric.  Smooth it to remove any bumps or wrinkles. Soft and Toasty cotton batting is best for this project because it is washable and, as it is cotton, it’s soft against your body as well as breathable.

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Step Three

Place the other equal-sized piece of cotton fabric on top of the batting, right sides up.

Now, using your quilt pins, pin the three layers throughout. Ideally, you will be pinning at least every 5 inches or so. You want the layers to shift as little as possible during this process and you want to keep all three layers flat and smooth.

If you have quilted before, this process will be very familiar.


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Step Four

Once all of the fabric is pinned and stable, you can begin the quilting process. If you are interested in diagonal quilting lines follow the following instructions. If you prefer quilting lines that are straight across or up and down, simply draw a straight line somewhere near the middle of your fabric and then skip to step 8.

Let’s create your diagonal quilting line.

Place your clear rule up against an upper straight edge of the fabric and align the 45 degree line with the selvedge edge of our quilt sandwich.

Mark, with your marking tool, where the 45 degree line meets the edge.

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Step Five

Following the 45 degree line down the length of the fabric, place another mark.

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Step Six

Move the clear ruler so that the top of your 45 degree line aligns with the mark you just made and repeat the same process as up above.

Continue on in this manner until you read the other side of the fabric.


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Step Seven

Now, connect all of your dots! Place the ruler so that it aligns with all the dots your made and draw a line with your marking tool.

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Step Eight

Sew along this line. Continue to sew even lines to the left and right of this first line. If you have a quilting gauge, it will be very helpful.

This is definitely easier said than done. But, take it slow and have patience. Those beautiful straight lines will be worth it!

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Step Nine

Continue until you have quilted all of the necessary fabric.

At this point, you will use your fabric as if it is regular sweatshirt material and construct your sweatshirt following the instructions that accompany your favorite sewing pattern. To create my sweatshirt I used the Sunday Everyday sweatshirt (with a hi-lo hem in a cropped length) from Ensemble Patterns.

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Step Ten

Enjoy your awesome new, oversized sweatshirt!