Quilt Block Toy Box

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Use a standard 12″ finished quilt block to make this simple and stylish fabric toy box. You can use any of the blocks from our 2015 Technique Block of the Month, or select your own quilt block. Use your favorite fabrics to customize the toy box to your decor!

What you need to make this project

1.5 yards Stiffen fusible interfacing
12" quilt block
1.25 yards fabric

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Start with your 12″ quilt block, and fabric. Cut fabric into 9 12.5″ squares.


supplies for box

Fuse 4 fabric squares and the quilt block onto interfacing.

fuse to interfacing

Cut squares out of interfacing. Stitch 5 squares together to make a + shape. The quilt block should not be in the center, it should be one of the outer pieces, with the bottom of the quilt block being stitched to the center.

stitch bottom of box in

Stitch up all four sides to make a box shape. Leave a 5″ gap in the stitching on one side for turning later.

stitching up the box

finished outer box

Use the 5 remaining pieces that do not have interfacing to make a second box shape. Place inside the first, right sides together. Pin all the way around the top.

pin top and lining

Stitch around the top of the box. Turn the box right-side-out through the hold in the side.

flip right side out

Pin the top of the box, and top stitch around the edge to secure.

pin around top

stitching the top

Fold each corner, then stitch down about 2″, about 1/4″ from the edge. This will keep the corners looking sharp instead of floppy.

top stitching

Hand-stitch the hole closed, and your box is done!

finished toy box