Quilt Block Room Decor

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Use an extra quilt block to quickly and easily make custom room decor! These quilt block wall hangings take just 4 additional seams, and in less than an hour, become fun decor pieces in any room!

What you need to make this project

Design Foam Tiles
Finished Quilt Block
Fat Quarter Coordinating Fabric

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As part of the Fairfield Technique block of the Month, each month we’re sharing a fun project you can make with the block… if you don’t want to make the entire quilt (or if you want to make fun accessories to go with the quilt). This month’s project is super simple to make. We start with our Applique block, but you can substitute any of the other blocks, or your own 12″ finished block.

quilt block wall hangings

Start with the 12×12″ Fairfield design foam, 1″ thick. You’ll also need your quilt block, and 4 strips of fabric:

2 pieces: 12.5″ x 3″
2 pieces: 3″ x 17.5″

I chose contrasting fabrics for my borders, but you can use the same fabric as the background, if you like.

Start by stitching the short pieces on opposite sides of your block. Press the seams out.

stitch top and bottom borders

Add the long pieces to the remaining sides.

stitch on side borders

Press the seams out.

press well

Place the block right-side-down on a flat surface. Center the foam square on the block, with the paper-backed side up.

place foam on quilt block with borders

Peel away one strip of the paper backing, bring the fabric over the edge and on to the adhesive. There should be a little tension, but the fabric should not be stretched.

fold in sides

Repeat with the opposite side.

fold in second side

Peel up half of the center paper, and bring up the bottom edge. Carefully fold the corners in.

tuck in corners

Repeat with the top. Replace the paper until your square is ready to hang.

finished wall hanging

Make as many as you like, and hang them up!

quilt block wall hanging