Quilt Block Play Mat

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Use four quilt blocks to make this fun playmat. A great practice or beginner quilt, and a fun way to use extra quilt blocks.

What you need to make this project

4 finished quilt blocks
1/4 yard binding fabric
1 yard backing fabric

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Start with 4 quilt blocks. You can use any 4 blocks from our Fairfield Technique Block of the Month.

finished quilt block playmat

For this project we used the three different samples from this month’s block 6, making two of the flower block. In addition, you’ll need 1/4 yard of fabric for the binding, and 1 yard of backing fabric. For an extra fun backing, we used Shannon Cuddle.

supplies for quilt block play mat

Start by stitching your 4 blocks into two rows of two.

stitch blocks together

Press your seams. Press the seam for the top row in one direction, and the seam for the bottom row in the opposite direction.

line up rows

Place the rows on top of one another, pin in the middle. The two seams should nest up against one another.

pin seam

Stitch down the length, completing the mini quilt top. Now it is time to baste! The easiest way to baste a quilt is to spray baste. Cut your batting slightly larger than the quilt top (at least 30″x 30″), and the backing slightly larger (at least 32″ x 32″).

spray baste top

First lay down the batting, spray with the basting spray as directed in the instructions on the can. Place the backing on top of the batting, smooth in place. Flip over. Place the quilt top on the batting. Mark the corners by making an indentation in the corners with your scissors.

score batting

Make this indentation in all four corners to give you a guideline of where to spray.

mark batting

Spray inside the four marked corners, then place the top on the batting. Smooth in place.

secure quilt top

Quilt as desired. The easiest way to quilt is straight lines with your walking foot. For more fun, try free-motion quilting. Lower the feed dogs on your machine, use an embroidery or free motion quilting foot, and have fun!

quilt top

Once the top is quilted, trim the edges. At this point you can stitch on the buttons, but we waited until the end to add the buttons.

trim up quilt top

Make your binding: Three strips each 2″ x WOF (width of fabric). Cut off the selvedge ends, and sew the binding strips together on the bias to make one long strip. Press the strip in half to make a fold down the length of the strip. Place the raw edges of the binding strip against the raw edge of the quilt.

stitch down the binding

Leave at least an 8″ tail of binding, then start stitching the binding down. Because the Shannon Cuddle on the back is a little thicker, use a 1/4″ seam allowance.

When you get to a corner, fold the binding out away from the quilt, at a 90 degree angle, creating a 45 degree angle in the binding.

fold away

Then fold the binding back on itself.

fold across

Fold the small triangle down to stitch all the way to the corner.

back away from binding

Stitch to the corner, lift up the needle and the presser foot. Rotate the quilt 90 degrees. Flip the corner back. Put the presser foot and needle down, and continue stitching.

continue stitchin

Repeat for all four corners. Stop the binding at least 8″ from where you started. Cut the end at a 45 degree angle.

cut binding

Place against the other end. Cut the other end at the same 45 degree angle so that it overlaps the first end by 1/2″.

cut 45 degree angel

Pin and stitch.

stitch together binding

Stitch down this last section of binding.

finish stitching down binding

You can hand-stitch the binding to the back of the quilt, or machine stitch it. Since this is a play mat that will likely be washed many times, we opted to machine stitch the binding on.

Pull the binding over to the back. It should extend past the line of stitching that holds it in place. Stitch the binding down.

stitch down binding

When you get to a corner, extend the binding to make a crease, then flip the corner up, and stitch down. Pivot with the needle down.

stitch to corner

Your mini quilt is quilted and bound!

quilted and bound

If you used this month’s blocks, stitch on the buttons. Be sure to securely stitch them in place. Instruct the recipient to keep a close eye on the buttons – they are small and could be a choking hazard for small children.

stitch on buttons

button quilt play mat