Quilt Block Pillowcase

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Turn your favorite quilt block into a pillow case! In this month’s Block of the Month project, we’ll also be learning about French Seams!

What you need to make this project

3/4 yard main fabric
1/2 yard first coordinating fabric
1/2 yard second coordinating fabric
finished quilt block

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Start with a 12″ quilt block and three coordinating fabrics. You’ll need 1/2 yard of two fabrics, and 3/4 yard of the body fabric.

pillowcase supplies

Cut from the background fabric (light green):
2 pieces: 12.5″ x 4.5″
1 piece 20.5 x 12.5″

Cut from the inner fabric (dark green):
1 piece: 13.5″ x 40.5″

Cut from the body fabric (royal blue):
1 piece: 18.5″ x 40.5″

Stitch the 12.5″ pieces to either side of the block.

add sides to block

Stitch the final background piece to the end of one of the 12.5″ pieces to make one long strip.

stitch together casing

Place the inner strip on top of the block’s strip, right sides together. The inner strip should be 1″ wider.

lay lining on front

Stitch together.

stitch first seam

Press the seam towards the inner strip.

press casing seam

Add a layer of topstitching. This will give the pillowcase a finished look, and give some extra stability to the edge.

topstitch edge

Fold this piece in half, to make a long strip. Place the body piece inside – you may need to fold the body piece to make it fit. If your body fabric has a right side, the right side should be facing the quilt block piece.

pin case to casing

Pin all three layers together – the body piece sandwiched between the top and bottom of the stitched together piece.

pin lining

Stitch the seam. Turn the whole thing right side out through one of the holes on the side. Press flat.

Fold in half, RIGHT SIDE OUT. This will feel strange, but is the first step in making a French seam. Pin the two sides with raw edges.

first seam in french seam

Stitch with a scant 1/4″ seam. This means slightly less than a 1/4″ seam.

Turn the pillowcase WRONG side out. Finger-press the edges, and pin in place.

pin second seam

Stitch using a 3/8″ seam allowance.

french seams

Turn the pillow right-side-out, and you’re all done!

finished dresden pillowcase

The French seams and extra stitching will keep your pillowcase from fraying even after many washes!