Quilt Block Changing Pad

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Use a quilt block to make a simple changing pad. Use this month’s Fairfield Technique Block of the Month to create a zippered block, which makes the changing pad extra comfortable.

What you need to make this project

1 yard shield (liner)
36" ribbon
3/4 yard fabric

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To make this project, we’ll start with Block 5 from Fairfield’s Technique block of the Month. You can use any other block you like, but block 5 has a pocket, making it extra handy when making this project.

quilt block changing pad

To make your own changing pad, you’ll need your completed quilt block, 36″ of ribbon, and 3/4 yard of fabric. Cut your fabric:

1 piece: 2″ x 15.5″
2 pieces: 2″ x 12.5″
1 piece: 15.5″ x 11″
1 piece: 15.5″ x 24.5″

From Shield lining: 1 piece: 15.5″ x 24.5″

supplies for zipper block diaper clutch

Lay out your border pieces around the block. Stitch the border pieces on either side.

add borders to block

Fold the 36″ of ribbon in half, then pin in place at the top. Stitch the top border in place.

pin ribbon in place

Stitch on the bottom.

add bottom

Tuck the ribbon into the zippered pocket to keep it out of the way.

tuck in ribbon

Layer your pieces: Shield lining, quilt bock piece (right side up), backing (right side down).

layer pieces

Pin along all 4 sides, leaving a 6″ gap along the top.

pin together layers

Stitch along all 4 sides, with the exception of the 6″ gap. Stitch with the shield facing up, using a walking foot. The walking foot will make it easy to glide over the Shield – without it, the smooth side will stick to your presser foot. If you don’t have a walking foot, a Teflon coated foot works well. If you don’t have that either, use a piece of washi tape on the bottom of the presser foot to help it glide smoothly.

stitch with walking foot

Clip the corners to reduce the bulk.

trim corners

Turn right side out through the gap in the seam.

hole for turning

Press. Top stitch 1/8″ from the edge all the way around, closing the gap in the seam, and giving the changing pad a finished look.

press edges

Size 1-2 diapers will fit in the pocket, and you can wrap the changing pad around a package of wipes.

finished changing pad