Pumpkin Placemats

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You can make these simple two sided pumpkin placemats and have décor for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving all in one. You can mix and match all types of colors and patterns to reflect your own personal style and with Shield moisture barrier fabric inside there are no worries about spills or accidents. They are perfect for gift giving and can easily be made using your fabric scraps.

What you need to make this project

1 Fat quarter fabric for front base
1 Fat quarter fabric for back
Fabric scraps for pumpkin sections, stem and leaves
1/2 yard Shield moisture barrier fabric
1/2 yard Low-Loft batting
Coordinating thread

Download Pattern

Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies

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Step One

Fold the fabric for the base of the pumpkin in half length wise and then width wise. Place template A on top making sure you line it up with the folds of the fabric and cut the pumpkin shape for front base fabric.


Step Two

Now fold the scrap fabrics in half for the pumpkin sections and use templates B and C to cut pumpkin sections, again making sure you line the templates up to the fold in the fabrics.


Step Three

Pin all the sections on to the front base fabric. Now lay the back fabric on the table with right side facing down. Then the Shield with shiny side facing up and the Low-Loft batting. Place the pumpkin front on top with right side facing up. Pin all layers together. Trim off excess fabrics.


Step Four

For the stem you can decide if you want the same fabric on the front and back. As above layer the back of stem fabric, shield, Low-Loft, and front of stem fabric. Pin together and cut using template D. Now sew along all threes sides twice leaving the bottom open. Tuck the bottom of the stem in between the layers of the pumpkin and pin in place.

Step Five

First sew along all the edge of all the sections of the pumpkin. Then sew around the outer edge of the pumpkin about 1/4 inch in from the edge.

Step Six

For the leaves you will want to place template E on a folded piece of fabric so you end up with mirrored pieces of fabric for the front and the back of the pumpkin. Now pin the leaves to the front and the back of the placemat making sure they line up perfectly.

Step Seven

Sew down the center of the leaves to make the center vein. Then sew the rest of the veins and lastly sew around the outer edge of the leaves. Enjoy.