Pretty Bird Fabric Wall Art

Category: Decor

What you need to make this project

Rigid Design Foam Tiles 12"x12" - 2 pc
Urban Scandinavian Fabric from P & B Textiles
Wood Laser Cut Bird
Wood Panel
Red Spray Paint

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Step One

Use a craft knife to cut two rigid foam boards into panels. I cut two three inch panels and one six inch panel from each board.

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Step Two

Cut a piece of fabric so that it is two inches longer than the foam on each side. Place the fabric right side down on the work surface, and place the foam side of the Foamology board on the wrong side of the fabric. Peel the backing off the rigid foam to expose the adhesive, and fold the fabric over the edges so it sticks to the adhesive.

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Step Three

Arrange the panels as desired and adhere them to the wood board. The rigid foam backing is sticky enough to adhere strongly to the wood.

Step Four

Spray paint the laser cut wood bird with red paint. Hot glue it to the front of the piece.