Pop of Color Pillow

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Do you have a room in your house that needs a little more color? The Pop of Color Pillow will add color to any room. Throw it on a couch, a chair, a bed, maybe you are heading to college and want to brighten up your dorm room. Wherever you need to add color pillows area great way to do it and this one has lots of bright, solid color fabrics, I used 8 different fabrics, to add lots of color to your space. It is made of half square triangles and is finished off with a little bit of quilting along the diagonal lines. It has a flap closure on the back so that the insert is removable.

What you need to make this project

Fusi-Boo ™ Fusible Batting 36" x 45"
Crafter's Choice® Pillow 16" x 16"
1/4 yard each of 8 solid color fabrics
1/2 yard of fabric for backing and pillow back
rotary cutter, mat, ruler
marking pencil or pen
coordinating sewing thread
sewing machine

Quick Shop


  • fabric stack
  • cut squares

Step One

With your 8- 1/4 yard pieces cut 2- 5 1/2″ squares from each fabric.
Pair together into 8 sets of 2 making sure that none of the pairs are the same two colors. Stack them right sides together if there is a right side to your fabric.

  • draw line

Step Two

Using your ruler as a guide, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other on one square from each set. I like to draw the line on whichever fabric is lightest.

  • sew squares

Step Three

Sew each set of squares a 1/4″ on each side of the line.

  • cut on line

Step Four

Cut along the line to separate the two halves. Open and press.

Step Five

Trim squares to 4 1/2″ being sure to keep the diagonal line centered. I trimmed off about a 1/4″ off each side. I like to make my half square triangles a little big so that I can square them up before sewing them together.

  • layout

Step Six

Decide on a layout before you begin sewing so that you can make sure you like the way it looks and your colors are spread as evenly as possible. (In the picture I had not yet pressed or trimmed my squares so they look a little messy)
The layout will be 4 squares x 4 squares.

Step Seven

Sew together 4 strips of 4 squares each, press.

  • trim press piece

Step Eight

Sew strips together to make pillow top, press.

  • cut batting

Step Nine

Cut a piece of batting and backing slightly larger than pillow top, about 18″ x 18″.

  • fuse batting

Step Ten

Sandwich together the top, batting, and backing and iron to fuse together.

Step Eleven

Quilt your pillow top. I sewed diagonal lines just to each side of the diagonal lines made by the piecing, about 1/8″ on each side.

  • quilt and trim

Step Twelve

Trim excess batting and backing from the pillow top. Your pillow top should measure about 16 1/2″ square.

  • pillow back

Step Thirteen

From your backing/pillow back fabric, cut 2 rectangles 16 1/2″ x 11″.

Step Fourteen

Sew a narrow hem on one long side of each of the rectangles.

  • pin backing

Step Fifteen

Lay the pillow top right side up and place one of your back sections face down on top with the hemmed edge toward the center and the raw edges lining up with the edges of the pillow top. Pin around the edge.

  • pin second piece

Step Sixteen

Place your second pillow back piece right side down one the other end of the pillow, hemmed edge toward the center, raw edges lining up with the edge of the pillow top. Pin around edge.

  • pop of color throw pillow

Step Seventeen

Sew around the entire outside of the pillow with a 1/4″ seam allowance. I then chose to zigzag around the seam to finish it and keep it from fraying. Turn right side out and your pillow is finished.