Pet Pillow Project: Crafting with Kids

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Kids are home for the summer. What a great time to teach them how to sew! Turn a favorite pet or animal into a soft and snuggly pillow. Beginning sewers will enjoy making the square pillow, while more experienced young sewists will enjoy the moderate challenge of the cut out shapes.  My kids loved making these, and I think yours will, too.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill Bag
Poly-Fil® Premier™ Mini Pillow Insert 10″ x 10″
White Cotton Fabric
Patterned Fabric
Printable Iron On Transfer Paper
Dritz Pins
LightX Photo Editing App

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Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill 32 ounce Bag


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Poly-Fil® Premier™ Mini Pillow Insert 10″ x 10″


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Step One

I used an app called LightX to remove the background from my photo. I also used one of the artistic features, called “Watercolor”, as an effect on the photo. (Check out the video tutorial to get a look at the app and how to use it to cut out your image.)
Print the image on the iron on transfer paper using your home printer. I used paper from with my HP Envy ink printer.
Trim around the edges of the image. You just want to trim the excess white space off.

Step Two

Place the image printed side down on the white fabric. Use your iron on the high setting to press the image. Keep the iron on one section at a time for 15-20 seconds.  Let the paper cool completely before going to the next step.
Carefully peel the backing off the fabric. Admire your beautiful image on the fabric. 🙂
Trim around the image, leaving about a 2 inch allowance around the edge of the photo.
Place the cut fabric image side down on top of patterned fabric that will be the back of the pillow. Pin the fabric in place and trim off the excess.

Step Three

Sew around the edge of the fabric, following the cut lines and curves. Leave a small section unsewn at the base.
Turn the fabric inside out. Fill the fabric with high quality Poly-Fil Fiberfill. Use the included tool to help push the fiberfill into the corners of the pillow.
Pin the open section closed, and hand stitch the edge together.

Step Four

For younger kids who are just learning to sew, a simple square pillow is a good start. Cut two 12 inch squares of fabric. Iron the image on the white fabric. Rather than Poly-Fil, use a 10-inch pillow base to quickly fill the pillow. Hand stitch the open side closed.