Personal Tea Pot Covers with Solarize

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To create the perfect cup of tea it must steep for a bit. To keep your tea warm while steeping cover the teapot with a quilted tea cozy. A wonderful gift idea when combined with a personal size teapot and selection of your favorite teas.

What you need to make this project

Cotton Fabric – Fat Quarter Print and muslin for quilt backing
Ribbon ¼ inches wide – 3 inch length
Soft & Toasty™ cotton batting
Solarize thermal barrier fabric
Crocheted Trim – approximately ½ yard depending on size of cover
Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring, Pressing tools & supplies

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Step One

Measure the teapot’s height, width and circumference and create a custom pattern being sure to add ½ inch seam allowances along all edges. Note: Consider using scrap fabric to cut and sew a test pattern prior to moving on to the final fabric.

Step Two

Using the pattern as a guide, cut out a rectangle of the main fabric, batting and backing fabric large enough that when the pattern is laid onto the rectangle you will be able to cut out two pattern pieces with room to spare.

Step Three

Create a rectangular shaped sandwich with the batting between the two layers of fabric right sides out. Pin all layers together.

Step Four

Draw a 45 degree line across the front the main fabric.
Stitch along the drawn line. Continue stitching on either side of the line, using the pressure foot on your machine as a guide between rows.

Step Five

Using the pattern created earlier, cut out a front and back from the quilted fabric as well as the Solarize.

Step Six

Baste the trim along the sides and top curve of the front quilted piece.
Fold the ribbon in half and pin to the center top.

Step Seven

Pin the two quilted pieces right sides together and stitch using a 3/8 inch seam.
Turn right sides out and press.

Step Eight

With right sides together (shiny side) stitch the two Solarize pieces together.

Step Nine

Insert the Solarize piece inside the quilted cozy matching the bottom edge.
Turn inside out and sew the two layers together at the center top, hiding the stitches along the seam line. This will hold the two layers together. Turn right side out and press.

Step Ten

Measure the bottom edge of the TeaPot Cover and cut a length from the main fabric, adding 1 inch for the seams x 1 ½ wide. With right sides together, stitch the ends together using a ½ inch seam and forming a circle.

Step Eleven

With right sides together, pin the binding strip along the bottom edge of the Teapot Cover and stitch along the bottom edge using a 3/8 inch seam.

Step Twelve

Press the strip down and wrap it around the bottom edge of the Teapot Cover. Turn under the raw edge and hand stitch to the seam line along the inside bottom edge of the Tea Cover. Press