Perfectly Plump Pillow Corners

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Pillows are such as easy way to spruce up your decor and are a quick project for even a beginning sewist.  I’m sharing some easy tips for achieving perfectly plump pillow corners and help you avoid funny looking dog ears.

What you need to make this project

Home Elegance® Pillow 20″ x 20″
2/3 yard fabric
18" Velcro or zipper (optional)
Coordinating Thread
Perfectly Plump Corner Template

Download Pattern

Sewing Machine and related supplies
Rotary Cutter and Mat or Sewing Scissors

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Step One

Perfectly Plump Pillow Tips

Top Tips for Perfectly Plump Pillow Corners.

  1. Size Up – Use a pillow insert one size LARGER THAN your pillow cover.  The pillow insert is squishy.  (That’s the whole point of a pillow right?)  By using a larger insert, you’re sure the pillow cover will be completely filled.  (Examples: Use a 20″ pillow insert for an 18″ pillow.)
  2. Taper the Corner – I usually sew pillows with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  But you want your corner to come in 1″ and then taper to the 1/2 seam allowance for the sides.  We’ve included a handy template to help.
  3. Go Heavy – Either use a heavier weight fabric such as canvas, upholstery fabric, or a heavy weight cotton if you’re making a simple cover.  If you’re using regular, thinner cotton fabrics, make it into a quilted cover to give your cover more of it’s own shape.

Step Two

Here’s how you can taper your corners.  Prepare your pillow, the way you normally would.  (For the pictured pillows, I cut out 1 – 19″ square for the front and 2 – 11″ x 19″ rectangles for the back.  I folded of the long edges of each rectangle over 1″ stitched it down.  Then added the velcro to the back of one and front of the other.  After lining the velcro up, I trimmed the resulting piece into a 19″ square for the back.  You could also use a zipper closure.)

19″ squares to start will give you an 18″ finished pillow.  Pin with RIGHT sides together.  Use the Perfect Pillow Template (see link above) to mark your stitching lines.  You don’t need to use the template if you mark a point 1″ in from each side to mark your new corner and then draw lines back to the regular 1/2 seam allowances.

Tips for Perfectly Plump Pillows Tips for Perfectly Plump Pillows

Pin with RIGHT sides together.

Stitch around all four sides of your pillow.  (If you’re using stuffing, then you’ll need to leave an opening to add your it.  I had a velcro opening on the back side, so I sewed completely around all four sides.)

Step Three

Trim the seam allowance in the corners.  You will want to cut close to, but not through the stitching on your corner.  Cut notches where your tapered corner line meets the regular seam allowance.

Stitch around all four sides of your pillow.  (If you're using stuffing, then you'll need to leave an opening to add your it.  I had a velcro opening on the back side, so I sewed completely around all four sides.) Tips for making Perfectly Plump Pillwos

Step Four

Turn your pillow cover right side out.  You’ll see your corner look just barely tapered.

016 Plump Corner Pillow

And when you add your pillow you don’t notice the tapering, but they corners are perfectly plump.  I used a 20″ pillow insert for my 18″ pillow.

017-Plump-Corner-Pillow 019-Plump-Corner-Pillow


Tips for Perfectly Plump Pillows